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Zhi Finance » You can also save money by paying cash!

You can also save money by paying cash!

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There is a simple way to control how much money you don’t want to spend: treat yourself as a 12-year-old child, and give yourself a sum of cash as pocket money. The allowance runs out.

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The following guidelines can help you control your spending effectively.

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1. Specify the purpose of the money, what it can and cannot be used for. For example, you can provide yourself with pocket money for lunch, but not including the cost of dinner; Or, take it to the cinema to buy some snacks, but not to buy movie tickets. In this way, you are likely to take out a debit card or credit card, or write a check (does anyone else do this?), Pay expenses beyond the allowance. In this matter, you must be honest with you and your partner! You certainly didn’t expect to quarrel with your family in mid month because you ran out of cash.

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2. Strictly define the use of cash. Allowing yourself to withdraw cash for various purposes makes it very difficult to trace the flow of money. It seems that the credit card has the best function of tracking the purchased goods by electronic means, and the information is often reported in real time. Keep track of the flow of cash and you will find that your wallet will soon be full of receipts.

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3. Specify the time for cash withdrawal. Consider whether it is convenient to withdraw money from the ATM (also consider whether to pay for withdrawing money there), and then decide how often to withdraw your pocket money. Your rules should be easy to operate. For example, you can stipulate to withdraw cash on the same day of each month, or on the 1st and 16th of each month, or on Monday morning. Make rules that you can manage.

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4. Strictly avoid using money beyond the scope of use. If the pocket money you define does not include the money for eating with your partner, you can pay by credit card if you go out to eat with him. If something unexpected happens and forces you to use precious cash, keep a receipt and specifically withdraw more money for it.

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5. Be sure to count your cash regularly. If you have a monthly spending plan, you don’t want to see your pocket money spent before the end of the month. Check the cash balance!

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6. Once the money is spent, don’t spend it again. If this means that you can only eat bento many days before the end of the month, then follow the rules. Let yourself suffer from excessive consumption.

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7. You can reward yourself with the remaining money at the end of the month. If you perform well and have money left, use it to reward your self-discipline performance. Whether it’s an ice cream cone or a new coat from GAP clothing store, you can reward yourself any way you like.

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Try to limit expenditure and cultivate self-discipline; In this way, you can save more, and your future can be guaranteed.

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