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Zhi Finance » Why can’t having more make you happier

Why can’t having more make you happier

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More and more research shows that when you are rich enough, having more money will not make you happier.

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Of course, “abundance” is hard to define, but most Americans are indeed rich.

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Most of us want more wealth, and this idea will hurt us in two ways. Ask yourself if the following happened to you.

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First of all, some people want to spend more time at work to gain more wealth. In this way, we will work overtime to earn overtime pay, regardless of the impact of overtime on the family; Or it violates the moral rules to make unscrupulous transactions to earn extra money. Some people invest college tuition and retirement savings in high-risk areas that they do not know much about. Instead of making families richer, they lead to family bankruptcy.

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In fact, the so-called “efforts” made by those short-sighted people often lead them to pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelons. The ill gotten gains from wandering on the edge of morality made them finally pay a heavy price. This is not to say that life does not require hard work, there is no doubt that hard work is necessary. Because only one person in a million was born with a gold spoon.

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Ask yourself, what did you give up in order to get ahead? If you can’t answer, give up chasing wealth. Find your life goal and cultivate some hobbies that can enrich your family life without spending too much money.

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The second kind of situation that we get hurt because we want too much is that we are overdrawing in the future (if the future income is not stable, this way of spending money is more terrible). When we borrow money to buy things we want but cannot afford now, we are actually plundering future opportunities in various ways.

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For example, if we can’t afford a holiday because we don’t have money, we borrow $2000. When the holiday ends, we have nothing but memories. In the coming months, maybe years, we will have to pay off our debts and sacrifice countless other things for our holidays, because we spend money on holidays that we can’t afford. Considering the loan interest, 2000 dollars will become 2500 dollars, and we will give up 500 purchase opportunities of 5 dollars.

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Every time we have to tell ourselves that I can’t spend the five dollars because I still have to pay back my travel loan, the memories of the holiday will fade.

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If it becomes a habit, rather than an exception, to live beyond one’s means, the days of debt, interest inflation and unbearable suffering will not be far away. Money can’t buy happiness, but sorrow.