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Zhi Finance » When is the best time to ask your boss for a raise?

When is the best time to ask your boss for a raise?

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Sometimes, knowing when to ask for a raise is the decisive factor for getting a raise. The time points listed below are suitable for raising salary to the boss:

  • 1. You have just completed an important project of the company, which has a significant impact on the company’s income, and your contribution can be quantified as “bringing new income to the company”, “saving money for the company”, etc.
  • 2. The company has hired a lot of new employees (this represents the company’s revenue and profit growth).
  • 3. The financial report showed that the company’s revenue and profits rose.
  • 4. The head of your department has just been promoted or has just received praise from senior executives – which shows that the boss is in a good mood.
  • 5. You have just completed a milestone or annual project of the company, or achieved any achievements that have been encouraged by salary increase.
  • 6. The company’s share price reached a high point.
  • 7. You have recently taken on more responsibilities and performed well.
  • 8. You have just received a degree or diploma related to this job.
  • 9. You get the entry notice from the competitor company.
  • The following list is not suitable for raising salary.
  • 1. You just turned down an “opportunity” to participate in a major project or take on more responsibilities.
  • 2. The company has just dismissed some employees in your department.
  • 3. The company has just released an unsatisfactory financial report.
  • 4. The company’s share price is lower than in the past.
  • 5. Your department didn’t finish a big project of the company on time.
  • 6. Your project has just been cancelled.
  • 7. Your coworkers tell you that they failed to get a raise.

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The following events will not have any impact on whether you can get a raise. Please refer to the above mentioned timing and be cautious:

  • 1. You just bought a new car.
  • 2. You just bought a house.
  • 3. You just got married.
  • 4. You just had a baby.
  • 5. Your wife has twins.
  • 6. Unfortunately, your spouse or child has contracted a disease.

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When the company’s sales and profits increase, it is not difficult to raise salaries for employees. This is the best time to ask for a salary increase. Of course, you should also combine your recent contributions to the company and your current position. It is a very dangerous behavior to propose a salary increase when the company is in trouble or when the individual’s work is in trouble. At this time, your boss is often thinking about who to throw out. This is not a good opportunity to ask him for more money. Life experiences, big or small, sometimes make us eager for a raise, but these trivial matters have nothing to do with whether you deserve a raise or whether the company will give you a raise. If your boss is generous, benevolent and righteous, and you are also a good conscientious employee, the boss may give you a salary increase because you have twins. But what about buying a car? This will never be a reason for a raise.