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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: What is passive income

Wealth Thinking Series: What is passive income

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In the entrepreneurial circles, there is a popular saying called “passive income”, which means that you can get income without working. Some people also call it “the goose that can lay golden eggs”!

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This goose is a commercial system that can survive on its own. It needs regular support and cultivation, but its survival depends on itself, and it will complete the transaction of converting time into money for you.

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It should be noted that not all companies are passive income systems. If you just want to be your own boss, and you start a business at will, and work hard for profits every day, then you are no different from ordinary migrant workers!

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There are about four types of passive income business systems that I know:

1. Leasing system

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Real estate is a “leasing system”. Although it is old, it is still an effective way to wealth.

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The leasing system is not only for real estate business. For example, when you own the copyright of your music collection, the company must pay you for the use of music.

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Similarly, if you invent a patent and license the product to another company, you can get income from the license fee.

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Photographers can earn license income by authorizing others to use their photos, and cartoonists can authorize art book authors and newspaper publishers.

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These creations may have been completed several years ago, but they can continue to bring copyright income to original authors.

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The leasing system is a powerful golden goose, because they have a high passive level and a high survival time.

2. Computer/software system

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Computers are amazing inventions. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never complain about working conditions.

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What makes the Internet have the implicit leverage second only to the real estate industry? If you own a website, its visitors can exceed millions, while if you own a three bedroom house, its visitors may be only a few people.

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This duality makes the Internet system one of the best passive income systems.

3. Content system

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The content system is the information system. This information can be integrated into various other systems, such as book writing, which is often easy to copy. Many rich people in the world are successful writers.

4. Distribution system

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Distribution system is a system used by organizations or institutions to transfer products to consumers.

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Distribution is a means to deliver products to consumers. For example, some well-known platforms, we media, etc. belong to distribution systems.

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The above is the content of passive income in this article. Next, let’s talk about what is the real law of wealth!

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