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What is labor export?

Labor export, also known as labor abroad, refers to the labor exporting country (exporting country) providing labor or services to the labor importing country (importing country) for economic benefits and foreign exchange earnings.

Labor export can be said to be an invisible labor trade. It mainly includes the export of scientific and technological knowledge, the provision of transportation, communication, insurance and tourism services for foreign countries, as well as the export of culture and art and labor.

There are three main organizational forms of labor export in China: first, the state government departments arrange labor export in a planned and organized manner according to the agreements signed with foreign governments; second, relevant companies and enterprises dispatch labor export according to the labor contracts signed with foreign companies or enterprises; third, individuals who have the conditions for labor export facilitate labor export through the contact of their friends and relatives abroad.

The labor service company must apply for a work visa. Most countries divide visas into tourist visas, business visas and work visas. According to their literal expressions, it can be understood that tourist visas and business visas are only short-term stay visas issued for tourism purposes and business activities, and the stay period is generally 1 to 6 months, and work is not allowed in the issuing country. Only when a work visa is obtained can the applicant work in the visa issuing country and be paid for his labor. Therefore, the applicant must have the appropriate skills to meet the visa requirements. If the applicant does not have any skills, then he will not be able to obtain a visa.

The labor contract needs to clarify the respective rights and obligations. The contract between the outbound worker and the operating company is called the expatriate labor contract, and the contract with the foreign employer is called the employment contract. Before signing the contract in China, you should clearly know the fees you need to pay, the remuneration and treatment of labor, the type of work, and the duration of work. This is the way to avoid disputes. Otherwise, in case of disputes, you will not only be liable for the corresponding legal responsibilities, but also may face huge amount of compensation.

Compared with commodity export, labor export is less investment, faster return, lower cost and higher profit. With the development of science and technology and the strengthening of the trend of internationalization of economic life, labor export is occupying an increasingly important position in the world export trade.

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