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Zhi Finance » What does marketing include?

What does marketing include?

Marketing refers to the business enterprise to guide and promote the goods from the production field to the consumer field or users, in order to achieve the target market for all business sales activities. It includes all the business activities of marketing and sales enterprises other than production and manufacturing. Its core content is that all activities must be market-centric, to master and meet the needs of consumers as the guidelines for all activities. In this sense, the essence of marketing is a marketing activity. Therefore, the basic task of marketing is to maximize the value of products or services through marketing activities, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Marketing mix refers to the optimal combination and use of all factors within the enterprise that can be controlled by the enterprise to achieve the target market in the fierce market competition. Specifically, it refers to the use of the principle of cumulative unification theory, according to the external market environment, the enterprise such as products, prices, distribution, promotion and other controllable factors to optimize the combination of all factors to cooperate with each other, support each other or occur comprehensive optimization effect, to win the enterprise competitors, to achieve the target market.

Controllable factors of the enterprise.

  • Product, including product quality, appearance, specifications, style, packaging, service returns, etc.
  • Price, including catalog prices, discounts, concessions, payment terms, credit terms, etc.
  • Distribution, including channels, regions, warehousing, transportation, etc.
  • Promotion, including advertising, personnel sales, etc.

Marketing mix, is the central content of modern marketing, is the most powerful means for enterprises to deal with competitors, can be flexible, clever use, is related to the success or failure of marketing, enterprise survival and development of the big issues.

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