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Zhi Finance » What can we live without? Four criteria help you make decisions

What can we live without? Four criteria help you make decisions

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Everyone who wants to spend less and save more often needs to judge which things can live without. Fortunately, some Americans have faced this problem, although few have. Most Americans tend to say, “Can I live without it?” The “it” in this question is understood as: Prada bag, iPhone, not food or medicine. How to judge which things can live without?

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1. Evaluate the efficacy and benefits: If you have four children and the washing machine is broken and can’t work properly, this will soon become a problem. Because of the efficacy and benefits of washing machines, many families with children will buy them. However, it is difficult to determine the efficacy of a cute new top. Unless you don’t even have a coat, you can still wear half a dozen other clothes at home even if you don’t buy this coat. You can live without it.

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2. See if you can afford it: Suppose you go out for errands and feel extremely tired, so you stop at Starbucks and order a scone and a cold drink. If you don’t do this every day, you won’t destroy the budget of the month. At the same time, you can let yourself have a rest and shoulder a busy day. However, stopping at Nordstrom Department Store 5 and buying a pair of $300 rubber soled canvas shoes as a reward may shake the budget and turn weeks of hard work into nothing.

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3. See if it’s a personal need or a everyone’s need: last time your husband bought himself a new golf putter of 350 dollars without saying hello to you in advance, you probably wanted to break it with your knees. However, if he came up to you and suggested that he take his family to the cabin for a long weekend for about 350 dollars, you would gladly accept it. If we can occasionally indulge in luxury and have fun together, even if the budget will be affected, it will be easier for everyone to accept.

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4. Consider the budget: If you are lucky enough to buy the new Dolce&Gabbana handbag, make greater efforts to make yourself stronger. However, if the budget does not include the new handbag of Gap clothing store, even if its price is 1/20 of that of Dolce Gabbana bag, it has nothing to do with your family, and you still can’t afford it.

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You may find that one thing is much cooler than another and there is no uniform standard. It’s meaningless to find out whether the new iPhone is 18% brighter or 10% bigger than the old one. Some superficial black sheep firmly believe that it will not be cool if they do not use some of the latest technology products; This is certainly not the case. Use the above criteria to judge whether to buy an iPhone; If it passes, that’s good; If it fails, wait!

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