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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: Wealth Thinking of the Rich

Wealth Thinking Series: Wealth Thinking of the Rich

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The wealth thinking of the rich is a strategy for business and lifestyle, which is characterized by controllable and unlimited balance, so it can create the best environment to achieve rapid wealth and extraordinary lifestyle.

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The wealth thinking of the rich includes the following characteristics:

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1. View on debt: If I am allowed to build and develop my system, debt is useful.

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2. View on time: time is the most important asset I have, far more than money.

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3. View on education: When you stop learning, you stop growing.

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4. View on money: money is everywhere and abundant.

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5. Main source of income: mainly from business operation and various investments.

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6. View on wealth: establish a business system for cash flow and asset evaluation.

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7. Wealth formula: wealth=net profit+asset value.

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8. Purpose: To obtain passive income for life, both through business and investment.

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9. My view on life: no matter how different my dream is, it is worth pursuing.

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The way of thinking of people who get rich quickly is not that of consumers, but that of producers.

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The so-called creator thinking means not to buy blindly, but to sell; Don’t dig gold, but sell spades; Do not attend training courses, but hold training courses; Don’t think about borrowing money, but lend to others; Don’t try to find a job, but offer someone else a job.

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So we should get rid of the concept of consumption, change our position, and strive to become a world producer.

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