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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: Wealth thinking of the poor

Wealth Thinking Series: Wealth thinking of the poor

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Wealth is health, that is, vitality, passion and unlimited energy. If you are not healthy, you will not be rich!

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Freedom is to get rid of monotonous work and live your life as you like!

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Wealth freedom means that you can stay away from the pressure of work, alarm clock and money, go for your dream boldly, and live your ideal life no matter when and where!

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Now let’s talk about the thinking of the poor. “Poverty” here not only refers to money, but also includes time, thinking, and lifestyle.

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Poor people have no financial goals and never have financial plans. Their most prominent characteristics are: greed, instant gratification, pursuit of sensory stimulation, and instant satisfaction.

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Most of the poor people’s ways of thinking include these:

  1. View on debt: I can rely on credit cards to buy what I want!
  2. View on time: time is too abundant!
  3. My view on education: I finished my studies after graduation, hooray!
  4. My opinion on money: I never save money. Money is something outside my body. I don’t bring it with me when I’m alive, and I don’t bring it with me when I die.
  5. Main source of income: unstable work (or even no work) whose salary is not proportional to the payment.
  6. Wealth formula: wealth=income+debt.
  7. Responsibility and control: I am a victim, and everything is the fault of others.
  8. Life perception: Live today, regardless of tomorrow.

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Now let’s see if you have any of the ideas listed above? If there is, it is simply too terrible!

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The poor low-income people are mostly the middle and lower classes of the society. They work for low wages and buy luxury goods that they cannot afford to show off.

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The poor can not be protected, because you have nothing, so you will be unable to bear any blow.

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The first step to get rid of poverty is to gradually abandon your poor thinking and gradually change your way of life from now on!

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