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Zhi Finance » Walking or cycling is more economical!

Walking or cycling is more economical!

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According to a statistic, 10% of cars drive less than a mile, and 20% drive less than two miles. If you use walking or cycling in the above trips, you will use less cars and save more money, which is both environmentally friendly and fitness. Here are some suggestions to help you walk more and drive less.

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1. Make a list of destinations you’d rather walk than drive to. You may need to record the destination you want to drive to. Note that not only is it within one or two miles of driving, but also it is the place where you want to drive around the long road and walk on short cuts. There are many bicycle lanes or sidewalks that can shorten the distance, but driving is not allowed (for example, it takes 1 mile to drive from home to the grocery store, but it is almost less than half the distance to walk).

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2. Measure the distance of some destinations, which you used to drive, but will walk or ride to in the future.

Other Article: Walking or cycling is more economical!

3. Measure the distance you now walk or ride to your destination.

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4. Keep track of the miles you don’t drive. If walking and cycling make you give up driving completely, you can save more than 50 cents per mile; If you keep your car, you can still save about 25 cents (unless you have a rechargeable car).

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5. Keep track of how many miles you walk or ride. Note that the average person burns more than 100 calories per mile of walking and about 50 calories per mile of cycling.

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6. Let walking and cycling become your important exercise items. Instead of monotonously walking for 30 minutes or cycling for an hour, we walk or ride to do things.

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7. In addition, the fuel cost you save can bring more fun, such as buying doughnuts and ice cream when you go out. If you are strict with yourself, the money you save will be spent more meaningfully, and the calories you burn will make you more slim and healthy.

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Effectively running your fitness program saves you time, money, and weight – and really helps protect the environment!