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Zhi Finance » Three ways to break your bad habit of spending money lavishly

Three ways to break your bad habit of spending money lavishly

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You are not the only one who likes spending money. Many people feel happy when they spend money. The pleasure of consumption may be driving you into a dilapidated house. The following tips can help you get rid of your extravagance.

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According to the book “The Power of Habit”, a habit is actually composed of three steps: trigger, inertial behavior and reward. According to the book, habits will follow this pattern no matter when they are formed. The trigger is like a trigger. “My mobile phone beeps” can be used as a touch. Then, we use habitual behavior – that is, habit itself – as a response. For example, I will check email, Facebook and Twitter first, and then continue to work in ten minutes. Then, we will get rewards, such as: someone interacts with me, so that I can feel the love of each other.

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Spending money also follows this simple pattern. In the shop, we will be surrounded by various signals that attract us to buy things. For the spendthrift, the biggest temptation is the big sale. The big sale found a reason for us to spend money to have fun. Is the reward really something we get? Probably not. The reward may be just a little pleasure we get from spending money. How to break this habit?

1. Be alert for contact.

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If you like to shop in the shop window, and you just want to look, but you will buy something in the end, then stop looking. Find something else that won’t harm you. If your budget is tight, shopping may be torture.

2. Focus on inertial behavior.

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Find out why you spend money on things you don’t really need. What can you do to replace the old habitual behavior? If you will spend a lot of money on clothes, discuss with yourself: when you don’t buy the clothes you want, you can do other things that you like and don’t cost much money. Instead of buying cute new tops, go to the food court to buy soda or ice cream. Change inertial behavior.

3. Look for rewards.

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If you change your habitual behavior and feel bad, your desire may not be satisfied. Try another alternative. Try going to a movie, renting a DVD, or doing anything else to see if you can get the same amount of happiness with less money. You will soon change this habit and save money!

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Remember: If you buy something at a reduced price but do not need it, you will still spend money wrongly. If you want to know whether you have the problem of spending too much money, you might as well check your wardrobe. If you find many clothes that you can’t remember when you bought, you can benefit from the habit therapy. Read The Power of Habit.

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