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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: The truth of rich people getting rich

Wealth Thinking Series: The truth of rich people getting rich

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When you see a person driving a car that is even more expensive than the house most people live in, you will have a question in mind: “How did he become so rich?”

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This seems to be a trivial question, but it has profound implications. If we had to guess, the answer would be some typical answers, such as lottery winners, athletes, stars, rich second generation, etc.

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These answers may not be wrong, but they are too one-sided, because you ignore those who have rich thinking and start from scratch.

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Wealth creation is accelerated by asset value according to the supply and demand of various industries. The main wealth growth promoter for the rich is asset value. They create, discover or purchase predictable assets.

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The wealth growth of these rich people is to accelerate the appreciation of asset value and sell the appreciation part of these assets in the market.

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Its basis is to create or purchase value-added assets, increase value, manipulate variables, and then sell them. Realizing assets can create a millionaire overnight.

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Asset realization converts value-added assets into money, which can be considered as a passive income stream of the monetary system.

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