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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: The true law of wealth

Wealth Thinking Series: The true law of wealth

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The real law of wealth is actually the law of influence, which can also be called the law of influence later.

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The law of influence says that the more people you influence in an entity, the more wealth you gain, whether in scale or in number.

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In short, how many people have you influenced? Has anyone benefited from your work, assets and works? What problem have you solved? What value do you have to society?

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If you work as a receptionist in a hotel, you don’t have much influence at all, and your bank account will reflect the same fact.

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To use the law of influence, your business needs to exert influence, both in scale and rank.

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For example, if you sell 20 million pens and each pen earns 1 yuan, you will earn 20 million yuan, which is influential in scale, but has little influence in rank. It is obvious that selling a pen will not have a significant impact on anyone’s life.

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For example, if you own an apartment building with 400 units and each unit earns 100 yuan, you can earn 40000 yuan per month.

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Because you provide housing for 400 families, you exert great influence in terms of hierarchy, not scale.

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So scale can make millionaires, and rank can also make millionaires. However, when scale and rank are combined, billionaires will be created!

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