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Zhi Finance » The tool for acquiring wealth is yourself

The tool for acquiring wealth is yourself

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If you want to catch the train of wealth, you need to debug your vehicle to the optimal state and be ready to start at any time.

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You are the tool to realize wealth, you are the mechanism to move forward, you are responsible for starting your journey, because this is your own journey!

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You must be free, and your time must be completely at your disposal, not under the control of others.

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You should learn to think independently and dare to imagine. You should frankly accept the ridicule of others, and even laugh back: “Hum, a group of ignorant swallows!”

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Therefore, the first step of becoming rich is to own yourself. It is your choice that ignites the flame of future life.

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Your life is determined by the choices you keep accumulating. It may take millions of choices, and they are set by you.

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Your behavior and reaction shape your existence. If you are not satisfied with your life, you should take full responsibility for your choice, because your today is the result of your choice.

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Your life choice is like a mature fruit tree. The branches symbolize the result of your choice. The branches near the trunk are very strong, reflecting your decisions in the early life, while the top branches are thin, symbolizing your decisions near the end of life.

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The choice when you are young has the strongest radiation power, which can promote the birth of your trunk.

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As time goes by, the branches climb up to the top of the tree, and they become thinner and thinner. They are no longer able to bend the tree in a new direction, because the age and experience of the trunk are too old!

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Even the smallest choice you make in your daily life will constantly change your living habits and lifestyle. It takes a process, but ultimately it will have a strong impact.

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No matter how old you are, you should look at your life, analyze what branches your life has, and which road you have chosen.

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Which road to take is your choice. Each road will carry a powerful force to lead you to different places.

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No matter what decisions you make today, they will definitely affect your future, perhaps in the coming weeks, months, years, decades, or even generations.

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If you are not 30 years old, your choice is in the peak influence stage. They will grow into strong branches on the tree you choose. You need to speed up!

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