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Zhi Finance » Supply chain finance: enabling science and technology to promote industrial intelligent change

Supply chain finance: enabling science and technology to promote industrial intelligent change

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Cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new technologies continue to break through and develop, which together constitute a new infrastructure system in the era of Internet of Everything. The emergence of a large number of financial technology companies has also provided new perspectives and new assistance for financial institutions such as banks, core enterprises, logistics companies and other entities engaged in supply chain financial business.

Analysis of key technologies

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The application of financial technology in supply chain finance rose from the late 1990s to around 2000, mainly based on Internet, cloud, big data and other technologies. The next wave of innovation to promote supply chain finance will be based on the following technology hotspots.

Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things can improve the transparency of the transactions of all parties in the supply chain finance. Its combination with the supply chain finance is mainly through the sensor technology, navigation technology, positioning technology and other methods to achieve online and visual links in the warehousing and freight links, control and dynamically manage the transaction process, improve the authenticity of the terminal transactions, and even achieve timely early warning when abnormal situations occur. After the IoT platform is combined with the capital end, it can provide the real transaction data of logistics, information flow and capital flow between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to ensure the return of funds and form a closed operation.

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As a platform for transaction data, logistics services and inventory services, the Internet of Things platform can open up financing and resource demand, realize the high integration of modern logistics and modern information systems, and form the real transaction data and information sharing of the entire industrial chain. The visual tracking technology of the Internet of Things has greatly improved the operation efficiency of supply chain finance, and can effectively control risks. In addition to visual tracking, the Internet of Things is also conducive to commercial banks to accelerate the construction of digital supply chain financial platform, thereby improving the flexible service level of IT systems. In addition, the Internet of Things can assist financial institutions to conduct credit investigation on enterprises, speed up loan approval, improve post loan management efficiency, monitor the custody status of pledged goods, and conduct dynamic management.

Artificial intelligence and big data

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AI and big data can consolidate the relationship between core enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises, and provide an open supply chain financial platform. First of all, big data has greatly broadened the information dimension that supply chain financial service providers pay attention to and use. The supply chain financial platform can access and integrate the transaction history, transaction habits and other information of relevant subjects, track the logistics information behind the transaction, fully control the transaction behavior of relevant subjects on the platform, and provide financing support to relevant subjects through these information.

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Moreover, the process dynamic information integrated by big data has greatly improved the available data, reduced the cost of supply chain financial business, and improved the post loan management ability. On the basis of multi-dimensional, dynamic and massive information, big data and artificial intelligence can improve the customer portrait ability, and achieve precision marketing and intelligent risk control. By introducing customer behavior data and combining customer behavior data with bank capital information data and logistics data, we can get a panoramic view of “business flow+logistics+capital flow+information flow”, so as to improve the ability of financial institutions to screen customers and precision marketing, and improve the level of intelligent risk control decision-making.


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Supply chain finance requires multi-party cooperation, and data also comes from many sources. However, multi-party cooperation lacks a traditional centralized governance institution. Blockchain can help supply chain finance create more scenarios and build a trust environment. On this basis, blockchain distributed ledger, encrypted ledger, smart contract and other technologies provide new solutions to problems in supply chain finance.

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For example, blockchain smart contract technology is a system program that can automatically execute the contract terms agreed in advance, that is, the program is set in advance, and it can identify and judge according to the internal and external information during operation. When the conditions reach the preset conditions, the system automatically executes the corresponding contract terms and completes the transaction, which can effectively alleviate the problem of difficult contract execution in reality. Take physical financing as an example. After the delivery is completed, payment instructions can be sent to the bank through smart contracts, so as to automatically complete fund payment, clearing and financial reconciliation, improve business operation efficiency, and reduce the potential risks and losses caused by human operations to a certain extent.

Technology enabling path

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With the development of Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies, the supply chain financial business activities show a development trend of highly integrating with financial technology related technologies, making financial activities based on supply chain operations increasingly efficient and intelligent. In the process of science and technology enabling supply chain finance, the following levels of progress are generally presented.

01 Transaction scenario data

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Science and technology are deeply integrated with the supply chain scenario to further digitize and online each supply chain link. Through technical means, the authenticity of transaction documents and assets can be guaranteed and reflected, and the real mapping from the physical world to the digital world can be realized.

02 Visualization of transaction process

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By digitizing and visualizing the whole supply chain transaction process chain, including restoring authentic transaction scenarios, and continuously monitoring transaction assets, the actual operation status of the supply chain can be more comprehensively and dynamically reflected. On this basis, the information asymmetry and trust cost between the relevant participants are greatly reduced, and FinTech has assumed the role of a medium to deliver industrial credit.

03 Intelligent supply chain

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In a more diversified supply chain financial network ecosystem, there are many players in the industry supply chain, such as traders, liquidity providers, and risk managers. Each player can not only effectively access information data, but also interact with the ecological network in depth. The breadth, depth, and real-time of information will be greatly improved.

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The ecology of each main body of supply chain finance is in a loose coupling state, and the supply chain finance network ecology will show the characteristics of predictability and intelligence. On this basis, it is possible to reconstruct and change the supply chain operation and financial service mode.

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