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Zhi Finance » Sixteen examples of saving money tell you what to buy and what not to buy!

Sixteen examples of saving money tell you what to buy and what not to buy!

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Every day we make shopping decisions; At the end of the month, the bank statement will remind us that there is not much money left. Here are some golden ideas to help you spend less.

  • 1. Choose Virgin Mobile as the provider of prepaid mobile phone services, instead of buying services from two major mobile phone providers; They offer a 30 day delay in payment, but charge twice as much.
  • 2. Spend 5 dollars to buy a bucket of golf balls to play on the golf course, instead of paying 300 dollars to hire a new driver – the effect may be similar.
  • 3. If repeated audit proves that it can really save money, buy more unknown brands in small stores and less famous brands.
  • 4. Buy old-fashioned popcorn in bags, and put it directly into the stove or popcorn machine for heating. Don’t buy popcorn heated by microwave.
  • 5. First go to the last performance in the afternoon, and then have dinner. Don’t wait until dinner is over, and then pay the full price ticket to watch the night show.
  • 6. Rather than going to the cinema to see a movie or eat in a restaurant, it is more comfortable to watch rented videos at home and have a nice meal.
  • 7. Buy the Google Nexus for $199, not the iPad for $499. Don’t let others tell you that you are not cool enough.
  • 8. Read more e-books and buy fewer paper books; Many e-books are free!
  • 9. Go less to private golf courses and more to municipal golf courses.
  • 10. More running, less cycling, fun and exercise, it’s much cheaper.
  • 11. Buy a car that has been driven for a year or two, not a new car; How long do you use a new car? How long do you use a used car? Make the best use of everything.
  • 12. Go to consignment stores more to buy famous brand clothes, and go to department stores less.
  • 13. Try to go to the charity store and buy what you need instead of what you want, such as a purple tie for your brother’s wedding.
  • 14. Don’t order a 4-ounce beef burger with cheese. Buy the McDonald’s double beef burger on the super value menu; Its taste, fat, calories and cholesterol content are almost the same, but the price is half cheaper!
  • 15. The soda water in restaurants is too expensive, so they drink white water; Wait until the grocery store has a big sale, spend $1 on two liter bottles of soda, and take them home to drink.
  • 16. Don’t buy all the cheap new clothes; Buy some good clothes to wear at work. It looks comfortable and clean at ordinary times. Even if your favorite outfit is not outstanding, the boss and colleagues will not mind.

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