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Zhi Finance » Shopkeepers, please don’t buy things you don’t need when you have no money

Shopkeepers, please don’t buy things you don’t need when you have no money

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It seems obvious that if you don’t have the money to buy what you want, you shouldn’t go shopping. But there are always many people in the world who buy things they can’t afford. If you think you are a shopaholic, here are some tips to prevent you from buying things you don’t need when you have no money.

1. Don’t go to the mall without money.

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Don’t run to the food court just for lunch. Don’t take your clothes to the store for dry cleaning. Don’t pick up prescriptions at the drugstore in the mall. When there is no money to spend, stay away from these places.

2. Don’t rely on QVC 3 or HSN 4’s TV shopping guide program to shop.

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It’s hard to persuade yourself not to buy something when it’s on sale and there’s not much left and it’s going to be robbed. It is much easier to persuade yourself not to watch these channels at all.

3. Skip commercials quickly and watch only TV programs.

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Businesses have invested billions in TV advertising. If it doesn’t work, advertisers won’t advertise. The best way for advertisers on Madison Avenue to persuade you to buy something is not to listen to them at all!

4. Don’t look at your favorite shopping websites.

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Amazon or other websites, don’t look at them – wait until you have money to buy what you want. In addition, you can leave after buying what you want. Be quick.

5. Don’t study what you are not ready to buy.

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If you plan to change a new car in three years, it is dangerous to subscribe to Famous Cars, and it is also dangerous to take time to read online reviews and understand the price and transaction of cars. The same goes for washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, and other large items. When it comes to buying, there is plenty of time for research.

6. Before entering the house, throw away the brochures you get.

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After you pull out the brochure from the mailbox, you should quickly throw it into the trash can. Don’t keep them. Their covers will always beg you to take a closer look at the special offers, new colors and wonderful designs. It is much easier to say “no” to the brochure than to say “no” to a beautiful blouse on page 44.

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When you erase all the shopping tips in your life, you will find that you spend less time and money on shopping. Unconsciously, you change your shopping habits.

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