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Zhi Finance » Seven things to make money beautiful and bring its real value into play

Seven things to make money beautiful and bring its real value into play

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Our relationship with money is unusual. Money itself can be said to be worthless. Its value is reflected when we use it. Its real value is reflected when we use it to create beauty. Consider the following example:

  • 1. The car on your doorstep is not worth much, especially because it will gradually decay and eventually become a pile of worthless things on the dump. Driving is mainly to support the family. The main purpose of driving my family to school, ballet lessons, football matches and home is to ensure their well-being and establish a harmonious family relationship. From these perspectives, the value of Dodge Collar series in 1998 is almost the same as that of Lexus LX series in 2013.
  • 2. It is the same whether you live in a small house near a quiet street or in a room twice the size; The former may be more effective. Children can go out and play with their neighbors in peace, instead of being neighbors with people they hate and don’t even know their names and faces.
  • 3. Compared with a lot of money saved in the bank, taking the time to volunteer as a football team coach or a young scout female trainer will bring greater value to your children and community.
  • 4. Compared with teaching children how to “stand out”, teaching them to put their time and money into meaningful undertakings by setting an example has a far greater impact on the world.
  • 5. As long as we have full contact with the community, we can know that a neighbor has just finished surgery and can cook for her without spending a lot of money.
  • 6. You don’t have to be Bill Gates to influence the world, but if you have a lot of wealth, you are more likely to make the world a better place (Bill Gates promised to donate 95% of his property, and he has donated millions of dollars).
  • 7. There are nearly one billion hungry people in the world. You can’t feed all the hungry people alone, but if every working family in the world helps a hungry person, there will be no hungry people.

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You can choose what kind of legend and mark you leave in the world. You can choose who you are and how you will be remembered. You can help your spouse and children become the people they want to be most. What kind of legend do you want to leave for your family?