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Zhi Finance » Seven o’clock suggestion to help you buy a car and drive it

Seven o’clock suggestion to help you buy a car and drive it

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Maybe the car you drive is beyond your purchasing power. Most Americans spend too much on cars and take it for granted that they can afford at least one, perhaps two (or more) cars. If you spend more on your car than your retirement savings, your car is beyond your spending power.

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You can – and should – drive a car that you can buy without a loan. Here are some suggestions to help you get what you want:

  • 1. Let the car you own have a longer service life. If you are still paying the car loan in installments, you should drive the car for several years after paying off the car loan, and then change the car after saving enough money. When you change cars, keep the price within your deposit plus the discount price of used cars, even if you can only buy used cars.
  • 2. If you maintain your old car, you don’t need to buy a new one. Do not delay daily maintenance; No matter how small a problem is, it should be handled in a timely manner.
  • 3. Don’t follow the trend blindly. When people see their neighbors’ cars being upgraded, they can’t help but feel excited. Don’t let your neighbors decide when you need to buy a new car; Wait until you have saved enough money to buy a car.
  • 4. Remember that almost every car has only one end result: car scrapping plant. The car has no investment value. Cars can’t accumulate net assets – even if your husband says so. Cars are useful but depreciating assets. Buying a car is for practicality, not novelty.
  • 5. Choose an affordable car. When you buy a car again (see point 1), choose an affordable car. Intellichoice. The website www. com provides car ownership cost estimates, which can help you compare the cars you want. Sometimes the cheapest car is not the cheapest. Sometimes the car with the lowest price does not mean the lowest car ownership cost. But remember to buy a beautiful car that you are willing to drive for a long time.
  • 6. Know the market and then buy the car. When buying a car, remember to fully understand the market before meeting with the car dealer (you can see more dealers to buy the most cost-effective car). You should be familiar with the car you want to buy, the price you choose, especially the preferential activities of new car manufacturers. Many websites, including MSN Autos, provide the above car information for free, while some websites require a fee. Know the market so as not to waste money on your new car.
  • 7. The best car is no car. If you remove your car from the garage and replace it with bus, hitchhiking, walking, cycling or carpooling, you will save a lot of money and you will not want to have another car.

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