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Zhi Finance » Seven golden ideas for making family life economical and environmentally friendly

Seven golden ideas for making family life economical and environmentally friendly

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All of us are under increasing social pressure to protect the environment. But some of these pressures conflict with the economic pressure of our family. The following ideas are economical and environmentally friendly.

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1. Make the best use of everything. Young children must have some new clothes, but wearing old clothes of older brothers and sisters is also a fine tradition that has continued for generations. Before you throw things into the trash can or even the recycling bin, think about whether it can use them in other places immediately – it would be great if you didn’t have to buy anything again. But don’t talk to yourself about garbage! Otherwise, there will be piles of junk!

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2. Don’t treat all the used things as garbage, and don’t leave them behind. Send them to a thrift store like Goodwill. You will find that many things in your home have never been used. Don’t just clean up and fill a pile of garbage; Clean the room, take away the clothes in the drawer, and pick up the toys that cannot be loaded. Let the place be empty.

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3. Sell valuable old things on eBay or Craig’s list (use the former to deal with things that are easy to transport; use the latter to deal with things that are expensive or difficult to transport).

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4. Walk to the grocery store. Not only save gasoline, but also protect the environment; However, you will find that there are not many things you can carry, and you must make wise decisions in the store. There are many children and they live too far away from the store. We should carefully arrange the errands and reduce the driving mileage.

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5. Go to the grocery store and buy a whole batch of food. Buying in bulk can not only save the cost of each item, but also reduce the trouble of packaging and landfill of single items. For example, the price of a large jar of peanut butter is half that of a small jar. In the process of landfill or recycling, a large jar will cause less environmental harm than several small jars with the same amount of peanut butter.

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6. With Skype or Hangout on Google+, you can see your friends and family far away (you can also use them to work) without really going that far. It saves much energy on the journey!

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7. Take the train, not the plane. Be careful, it is not always cheap to take the train; In the United States, the train is not faster than the plane, but taking the train is really exciting and much more environmentally friendly than flying.

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They said a lot of ways to protect the environment and save money. Do you have any suggestions?

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