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Zhi Finance » Saving money by shopping in a small shop is not a long-term plan of thrift

Saving money by shopping in a small shop is not a long-term plan of thrift

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Grocery store consumption accounts for a large part of household monthly expenses. To save money, we should take a good look at the spending in the grocery store to avoid some mistakes. Although some of the healthiest foods are more expensive than some of the least healthy foods, in the long run, the cost of destroying health for families is more than the cost of healthy diet.

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Look at two diseases related to diet:

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Obesity: WebMD 9 calls obesity a huge epidemic. With obesity, it’s no use saving money in department stores. Nearly one third of adults in the United States are obese, and nearly half of children and adolescents are overweight.

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Diabetes is an epidemic of nearly 26 million people in the United States, of whom 7 million have not been diagnosed; It is still spreading globally. More than 90% of the cases belong to type II diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States said, “It is possible to avoid disease by ensuring healthy diet, more exercise and more weight loss.” The nursing cost of diabetes is very high, which will cause serious impact on individuals and families. It is accompanied by a variety of complications, which may cause blindness and amputation.

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Here are some golden ideas that can help the family eat and drink healthily and save money in the long run:

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1. Drink skim milk: According to the USDA, skim milk does not contain non nutritive calories; It can replace whole milk or milk containing 2% fat.

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2. Eat lean ground beef: lean ground beef does not contain non nutritive calories, while nearly a quarter of the calories in ordinary ground beef come from fat.

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3. Eat skinless chicken breast: skinless chicken breast does not contain non nutritive calories, while nearly 80% of the calories in thin fried chicken wings come from fat.

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4. Eat whole wheat bread: almost every household should eat whole wheat bread without nutritious calories; Croissant contains nearly 50% of the non nutritive calories.

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5. Refuse junk drinks: soda, beer, fruit wine and white wine, which have high calories and no nutritional value. Money is a waste.

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6. Eat less toppings. Butter, vegetable butter, cream cheese and prepared toppings are almost all nutrient free calories.

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7. Drink cold water. Most of the water in American pipes can be safely drunk, and almost all of it is free. It is the most healthy choice for most people.

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8. Eat at home. If you don’t eat outside and stay at home, you will have more opportunities to influence your family’s eating habits. If you can cook the dishes that your family likes at home, you can save money by eating out less often. If the food at home is healthy, it will save more money in the long run.

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