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Zhi Finance » Save money and make Christmas meaningful

Save money and make Christmas meaningful

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There should not be only gifts in Christmas, but our modern civilization makes some people think that Christmas is only about giving gifts. People in many parts of Asia celebrate Christmas enthusiastically; From 2011 to 2012, I spent a whole year in China, singing Christmas carols everywhere, but many Chinese people do not know the origin of this festival. In many people’s minds, Christmas has no practical significance.

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Here are some things you can try to make Christmas more frugal than ever. If this can avoid paying back your credit card after the holiday, you can make this Christmas more frugal and meaningful. Let Christmas pay more than get, save money at the same time, but also can have a happier holiday.

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Refer to the plan below to enjoy your Christmas season in a new way.

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1. Plan Christmas as a family. When Christmas comes, gather the whole family together to discuss how to spend Christmas without spending much money, and it is more meaningful. Let each family member participate in the discussion and think about what can be done, such as how to help some very unfortunate families. Discuss it, maybe we can provide a service for the family you know; Or cook a dinner for the homeless people in the homeless relief station during the Christmas season; Or you can prepare an anonymous Christmas surprise for the neighbors for 12 consecutive days.

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2. Call on the whole family to participate in voluntary labor. Ensure that everyone in the family participates in voluntary labor. Everyone, regardless of age, should participate. Putting everyone into the plan can make every child look at the holiday again.

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3. Enthusiastic. When planning, organizing and executing the voluntary labor on holidays, you should devote yourself to it. Show yourself that you enjoy every minute of the process. Don’t let your children think that voluntary work is just doing housework, and don’t let them think you don’t like it. Expect happiness, and you can experience happiness. When children see that you feel happy about it, they can also understand the spirit contained in it.

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4. Go shopping in moderation. Don’t buy a lot of things like Christmas in previous years. Only buy new clothes or other things needed for children. According to the plan, only buy what your family really wants.

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5. Don’t surprise your family. Do not send gifts to your children on Christmas morning if you are going to cut down on Christmas shopping this year. Make sure they understand that you proposed voluntary labor to save a lot of money on Christmas.

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6. Share your beliefs. No matter what faith you have, you can tell your children at Christmas. Let them understand your world view. Give them your faith as a gift. They will never forget your teaching.

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Never mind the size of the gifts under the Christmas tree, spare time during the holiday to help those who are really unlucky, make the holiday meaningful, and let the children feel satisfied. Spending less can also make children have a happier and more meaningful holiday.

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