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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: Remove the stumbling block on the road to wealth

Wealth Thinking Series: Remove the stumbling block on the road to wealth

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The greatest invention of mankind is the airplane, because it violates gravity and seems to violate the laws of physics. Its achievements are so outstanding, not just the flight itself, but to break the old social concepts.

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We should not listen to the voices of the opponents, because they have adapted to the social environment.

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You may worry about deviating from social norms, but if you want to stay out of ordinary people, you need to take unusual measures, which will not be accepted by everyone.

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However, the more mysterious the things you pursue, the more you need to break through the shackles of social enlightenment. The extraordinary wealth requires you to have extraordinary beliefs.

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Who is the stumbling block? Some friends and family members, who have never tasted the benefits of getting rich quickly, believe in their parents who have no chance of getting rich. The experts who claim that houses are the best investment, the masters who advocate that 100 yuan will be invested today and 10 million yuan will be appreciated 50 years later, and the general environment you are in.

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Those who never give you goals are your stumbling blocks. They increase friction in your journey. When you excitedly take action or tell your thoughts, those people respond with suspicion and distrust.

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In the field of motivational success, they are called “dream stealers”.

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Remember, as a producer, you are a minority, while the rest are consumers. Don’t be like “everyone”. You need to have a strong self-confidence, otherwise, you can easily be assimilated by them.

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