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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: Reliable law of demand

Wealth Thinking Series: Reliable law of demand

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What is the purpose of business? Why do they exist? To satisfy your desire for wealth and financial freedom?

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To be honest, no one cares about your wishes except those who really care about you, because the world is very selfish, and no one cares about your motivation to become rich.

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So what do people really care about? What they care about is: What can you do for them? What problems can they solve? What added value to their lives?

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Please remember this sentence: “Consumers are selfish”. As a producer, the first thing to do is to put aside your own selfish ideas and learn to pay attention to the needs of others.

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Give first, then take! Demand, not money, comes first! So stop thinking about problems from your selfish desire and perspective, regardless of money or dreams.

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Money is like a naughty cat. If you run after it, it will leave you. However, if you ignore it and focus on what attracts it, it will come to you on its own initiative.

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Successful businesses are all marketing to meet the needs of consumers. It is the market and consumers that determine the success or failure of your business, not yourself.

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