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Real Estate Attorney

The real estate industry is booming, and with it the practice of real estate lawyers seems to be booming as well. Whether or not the real estate industry is booming, then, does not have much of an impact on real estate attorneys. Since housing is one of the primary human needs, there will always be property buyers and property sellers at any given time (and real estate attorneys are always in demand). There are many different ways that people utilize the services of a real estate attorney. Let’s take a look at what these different ways are.

1. Property disputes. This is the type of situation that real estate attorneys are obviously most involved in. Not only do they try to get these property disputes resolved (through litigation or otherwise), but they also help get rid of the property (in some cases) by selling it and using the money received to settle it.

2. Lease disputes. Real estate lawyers also help to settle disputes between tenants and landlords.

3. Settlement of property due to death. Sometimes real estate attorneys also deal with the property of the deceased. Here, they sell the property and settle among the heirs.

4. Divorce settlement. Once again, real estate attorneys help with jointly owned property and general divorce settlement issues.

5. Not wanting a broker. Some people just don’t like the idea of hiring a broker to sell their property, so they delegate this to a real estate attorney (some real estate attorneys do take this approach).

6. as a consultant/advisor. Many attorneys also work for real estate investors. In fact, hiring a real estate attorney is a very good option for real estate investors. A real estate attorney can really make an investor’s transaction go smoothly. Not only can a real estate attorney get the deal done right, but he or she can also get it done quickly. And for the real estate investor, time is very important because he can use the time saved by hiring a real estate attorney to find really good deals.

7. Information provider. Some real estate investors use real estate attorneys as a rich source of information, especially in order to get information about properties that are being sold due to disputes or settlement proceedings. Here, real estate investors try to gain an advantage by getting information earlier than others (and they sometimes do get very good deals this way).

So, whether the real estate business is booming or not, there will always be work for real estate lawyers (booming work).