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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: Ordinary people’s wealth thinking

Wealth Thinking Series: Ordinary people’s wealth thinking

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In the last article, we said that the thinking of the poor is to exchange today’s happiness for today’s happiness by overdrawing future happiness.

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On the contrary, ordinary people sacrifice today’s happiness and place their hopes in the future.

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Study hard, get a good job after graduation, live frugally, buy more discounted goods, accumulate as much pension as possible, and use less credit cards

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Then, when you retire, you will have nothing to worry about!

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Does that sound familiar? Yes, this is exactly what our parents, tutors and financial experts have taught us.

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These words sound right, but I want to know that when you retire, do you still have the energy to enjoy life? Is the wealth you have accumulated really wealth? Is your life a life of abundance?

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As an ordinary person, you want to postpone your satisfaction and enjoyment until retirement. Saving, saving, and saving again is your only strategy. In this way of thinking, you ignore the most valuable thing, time!

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The common people’s way of thinking probably includes these:

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1. View on debt: debt is evil and should be avoided by all means.

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2. My opinion on time: I have a lot of time, and I am willing to spend time working in order to earn more money.

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3. View on education: education is very important because it can help me get a higher salary.

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4. View on money: money is scarce, so every coin spent should be included in the budget, and money should be saved as much as possible.

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5. Main source of income: My job is the only source of income.

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6. The view of wealth: work, save, endure until retirement.

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7. Objective: To enjoy a comfortable retirement life in my old age.

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8. Responsibility and control: My responsibility is to support my family, and my work must depend on others.

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9. View on life: Give up your dreams, run your family thriftily and take no risks.

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Compare and see if you are among them?

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In the minds of ordinary people, they generally underestimate the value of time. Remember, your time is priceless, at least it should not be sold so cheaply!

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