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Zhi Finance » Nine golden ideas for selling valuable “waste goods” online

Nine golden ideas for selling valuable “waste goods” online

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Most of the household items that you don’t need but are still useful in life, the simple way to deal with them is to donate them to charity organizations such as shelters or thrift stores. If things are valuable, you might as well spend some time and energy to sell them online.

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The following golden ideas can help you sell things to earn the most money:

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1. Pricing: Before selling, carefully understand the selling price of similar items and determine a fair and reasonable price.

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2. Large items: old sofa, old bed and other items are too large to transport, carry and move. Craigslist (Craigslist. org) is the best. The projects on the local website have been classified, and most of the contents are free and easy to use. I usually mark items for sale at a low price, so that buyers can quickly bring friends, open a pickup truck and drag my old things away, saving me trouble.

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3. Send good luck items: If the items are small, light and easy to carry, especially if they are not easy to break when carrying, then try eBay, so that the items can be sold to many places at home and abroad. You will be surprised to find that so many things can be delivered!

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4. Car: eBay’s car market is very prosperous. If the car is precious or suitable for collection, you should certainly consider selling it on eBay. If it is an old car, it may be the best choice to trade in the old one directly. It can also be sold on, which is cheaper and more convenient than eBay.

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5. Free items: If you are like me, you can hang some big and ugly things on Craigslist. org or Freecycle. org.

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6. EBay: eBay can track feedback and allow buyers and sellers to score each other. You can buy something online first; Buy something cheap and pay quickly. If you find that no one gives you feedback, take the initiative to ask for it and save a good reputation; It also gives feedback to the seller. Next, you can try to sell things. You can sell the most worthless things until you have enough good reviews, such as cars.

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7. Craigslist: Unlike eBay, Craigslist has no feedback mechanism. With Craigslist, you can only collect cold cash from others. Don’t store things in your hands. It is possible to wait a lifetime for the buyer on Craig’s list. Say the same thing to everyone – whoever pays first will get the goods.

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8. Take good publicity photos: no matter whether you use Craigslist or eBay to sell things, you should take good publicity photos of items. If the light is well chosen, cheap cameras can also take good pictures. Turn on the flash, turn off the flash, take more photos inside and outside, try the effect, and choose the photos with the most true color and the most accurate focus.

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9. Don’t lie: Never lie when you sell something. EBay will severely punish those who lie. Introduce your things exactly and avoid bad comments. Remember, with Craigslist, people living nearby may come to your house to pay for things; You don’t want to offend a couple of big men who drive pickup trucks because they lie and sell things.

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It is fast and convenient to sell waste goods online and turn old garbage into cash. Although it is impossible to retire on this income, it is better to sell large pieces of old things for cash than to rent a storage room to store old garbage!

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