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Zhi Finance » Investment and financing are just like looking for a partner, Careful management is the key

Investment and financing are just like looking for a partner, Careful management is the key

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Investment and financing are just like looking for a partner. The best one is the one that suits you. If you blindly choose “Gao Fu Shuai”, you may suffer losses in the future. The same is true for investment. We should not follow the crowd or “follow the crowd”. It is very dangerous to follow the trend blindly in the investment market. If you want to keep a clear head in the process of investment and avoid “following the crowd”, you should figure out why you want to invest. The reason why many people fail to invest is that they do not manage money with heart, but rely on their ears.

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The first stage of investment and financing: the early stage of love. In the early stage of love, I didn’t know much about the lovers, and most of them were based on feelings. Slowly contact, get used to his company, read about him, think about him. His emotional fluctuations affect your heart. You are the desert smoke straight, you are the snow of Minshan Mountain, you are the willows, the wind and the moon, and you are the beauty that anyone can praise. However, investors made some money at the beginning of the hazy period just by feeling. Start to devote yourself wholeheartedly, keep an eye on the market and think about strategies. Next, enter the second stage.

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The second stage of investment and financing: the painful period of development. Love is beautiful, but often green, do not know each other’s preferences and habits. There are always unpleasant times. In some cases, investment does not always go with the tide. There are always certain risks, but they are within the controllable range. In love, if you get along with each other for a long time, you will know whether it is appropriate to continue. The same is true for investment. If you feel you can’t bear the risk, you can choose Internet financial products with less risk. Love is the same as investment. It is the best to fit yourself. Don’t lose yourself.

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The third stage of investment and financing: mutual adaptation period. In love, get along slowly and choose the best one for yourself. During this period, it must go through a running in period, and there will be quarrels, incomprehensions and grievances. At this time, please calm down, communicate more and understand more. Use the phone, WeChat, even if it is a facial expression, to tell her that you are missing her. Don’t be stingy with your words, unless you really don’t want her. The same is true of investors. After repeated failures, they realized the importance of analysis and wanted to find the right financial management method instead of giving up completely. They could temporarily slow down the product. What you need to do is to strengthen your knowledge, try to improve your analytical ability through books, consulting, videos and other channels, and recommend financial management books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Millionaire Next Door. Look and think more, and change the situation of frequent losses in the past.

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The fourth stage of investment and financing: going against the beaten track. A word of discord, worrying about the gain and loss, the boat of love turned over when it was said to turn over, and finally hurt others and themselves, blue thin shiitake mushroom. So someone sighed, “Everything has a deadline, and everything will expire.”. The last thing to remember is that you should never hang yourself from a tree, because you have the wrong idea of “no one will marry but her”, which will greatly reduce your chances of success, even to zero. The same is true for investment and financing, both of which have risks. These risks cannot disappear, they can only be avoided, and we should be prepared psychologically. Some people are too sensitive. When they see the news of fraud, they feel that their money may not be safe and they are worried about their gains and losses. Therefore, it is important to keep a good attitude and refuse to be emotional, otherwise the opportunity will run counter to you.

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The fifth stage of investment and financing: rapid development period. At this time, you know each other very well. There is a saying that “two people fall in love because they don’t understand, and separate because they understand”. If love is a western food, then mutual recognition of the perfect love is absolutely a medium rare steak, and the remaining three percent need a kind of adjustment to life. Investment is the same. This kind of investment product has become a part of your life. You can understand it even if you are familiar with its advantages. There has been disappointment, happiness, joy, and mixed emotions, which are nothing. A good financial product is worth your efforts. Can effectively apply the theoretical analysis to practice, continue to speculate in practice, so as to form their own perfect investment philosophy and operating mentality, and the rate of return on investment will also continue to increase.

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The sixth stage of investment and financing: a long and narrow period. In love, after a long period of passionate love, passion fades. Why can’t people stay in love forever? Why should it return to insipid after all? Seeing your lover, you no longer feel excited, just like eating. Because people’s energy is limited, when in love, each other is the focus of life, and every move leads each other’s heart. But after all, there are too many important things and too many trivial things in life. Slowly, our energy is scattered, and we have no time to take care of each other too much. Love also moves towards a peaceful state. However, as long as your man is the best, what will happen after the hot love period? It is impossible to eat delicious food every time, just like the first time.

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Investment is the same. It is a long-term process. Learning to persist is equal to creating wealth!

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When you are 20-30 years old, you are in your prime of life and have the strongest risk tolerance. You can adopt a positive growth investment model. You can invest 70%~80% of your capital in various channels, and you can combine these investments again.

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At the age of 30-40, the number of family members is gradually increasing, the degree of risk bearing is low, and the investment is relatively conservative, but the goal is still to make the principal grow rapidly. During this period, at least 50%~60% of the funds should be invested in risky investment varieties.

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At the age of 50~60, the child has grown up and has the ability to make money. But you still have the ability to make money in the future, but you need to control risks. At most, you can invest 30% of your capital in venture capital, and 70% in investment varieties with fixed income.

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Investing in Internet finance is like falling in love. Holding hands does not mean reaching the other side. If you want to maintain a permanent relationship, you need to learn skills, operate, and guard it all your life.

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