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Zhi Finance » I was fired. What should I do now?

I was fired. What should I do now?

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In life, there should be nothing worse than losing your job. Although most people still think that life is full of possibilities after being laid off, the actual situation is difficult. If you are faced with a layoff crisis, please continue to look!

  • 1. Don’t panic. No one will eat you or your children. The worst situation that may happen will be much better than you think. As the book Learn to Be Optimistic says, set aside a little time every day or week to sit down and think (if you don’t have the intention to sit down and think at a certain time, don’t be surprised, this is just a suggestion).
  • 2. Start working now. Your current job is to find a new job. Start looking for a job right now. There are many things to do. Often, after a few months of unemployment, you will feel bored. Therefore, you should find a good job before being bored.
  • 3. Make a financial evaluation. Make a new budget as soon as possible based on your disposable savings, unemployment benefits, termination compensation, spouse income and other disposable income. Remember, this is a temporary budget. During this transition period, try not to buy anything you can not buy. At the same time, you also save some consumption – such as a large amount of payroll tax. But make sure you set aside a budget for your health insurance — don’t turn the unemployment crisis into a total disaster.
  • 4. Update your resume. After losing your job, you may need to spend a little time updating your resume. Don’t worry, it only takes a few hours to create a new resume. Before you submit your resume to your favorite employer, you can show it to your successful friends or family members. In this way, you can not only get valuable feedback, but also maybe they can provide you with some work suggestions or job opportunities.
  • 5. Achieve self-management. Congratulations. You are now your new boss. You have been promoted and you should be responsible for yourself. Because you are going to deliver dozens or even hundreds of resumes, you need to use certain strategies to follow up the progress of each resume. Without a proper follow-up system, this task will overwhelm you. jibberjobber. Com provides you with free or low-cost services to help you manage and follow up the delivery of resumes to achieve project management.
  • 6. Use relationships. Fortunately, you have established your own network, maintained good friendship with some people, and kept in touch with them has become a habit. If you don’t have such a network, it will be more difficult to establish it now, but it is still very important. Go out and get in touch with people. In fact, everyone knows (or will know) your current situation, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you have an idea, just say it. When others are too busy to have lunch with you, you should not be depressed. Go to the office to find them and take 20 minutes at their convenience. This will not only facilitate them, but also eliminate the problem of who pays for lunch.
  • 7. Use social networking sites. You will use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to keep in touch with many friends. If not, start using these social networking sites today. In fact, they are very interesting. Be careful not to spend too much time on it. But if you use less than an hour every day, it means that you are not really involved. These social tools help expand and enhance your network, and are mostly free.

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Laid off is not a happy thing. Unless you are rich, don’t pretend that you are on vacation during the layoff period, which will be a long process, so don’t take it as a vacation. At this stage, your new job is to find a job. As long as you focus on finding a job, you will be able to return to life soon.

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