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Zhi Finance » I want to get rich. What should I do?

I want to get rich. What should I do?

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The secret of getting rich quickly can be summed up in one word: luck. In most cases, the key to getting rich quickly is to go against your plan to retire at the age of 65 or 70 and play golf three days a week and do what you should not do. If you want to get rich immediately, the first step is to forget your family, your circle and your faith, and only care about yourself. Are you ready?

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Follow the following methods to make a fortune at once:

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1. Quit your job immediately. If you continue to work, you may only save up to one million dollars when you retire. Get out of the door and start your plan to get rich right away. Don’t care if you burn your bridges. You will get rich soon! Whatever you do, don’t stay on the job for another 30 years to participate in the 401 (k) retirement benefit plan – this method of ensuring wealth takes too long.

Other Article: I want to get rich. What should I do?

2. Go to Las Vegas and bet your money. If you really want to get rich quickly, go to the nearest casino. Don’t stop gambling until you get money. Of course, you know, losing all your money is almost certain, but if you don’t gamble now, you can’t get rich quickly. Whatever you do, don’t put the money you should have gambled in the bank. The interest there is less than 1%.

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3. Put all your money on one stock. If you don’t want to gamble in Las Vegas, you can invest all your money in a high-risk stock. Its price may be 10 times higher this year. This has happened before. Of course, the probability of bankruptcy is the same as that of a 10 times increase in the share price. The most likely thing is that the stock price will rise or fall slightly, and you will never get rich quickly. You certainly don’t want to diversify your investment portfolio, diversify your money into at least 12 stocks, reduce the risk of bankruptcy, and then it is not easy to increase the yield by 10 times. Most importantly, you should not think about investing in mutual funds that are carefully studied and operated by professional managers. In this way, you have to be careful to spend 30 years saving and investing to get rich. This is obviously not for you.

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4. Forget about stocks and investment options. If you really want to get rich quickly, you can use the leverage effect of options to expand income. When you invest in options, you have the right to buy or sell benchmark stocks, bonds or commodity contracts, but that is not your obligation. If you buy the right option unusually, thousands of dollars may become one million dollars. Of course, it is almost certain that you will lose all of your first investment. But it’s also fun. Of course, you certainly don’t want to invest your money in ordinary, old-fashioned mutual fund portfolios that are promising to continue to appreciate in the next 30 years. You have no patience in this matter.

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5. Do not manage money, run enterprises. Entrepreneurs are heroes, cool and sexy. Take all your money, tell yourself that you are an entrepreneur, and then plan your business. It’s easy. Never mind that most businesses end in failure. Pay no attention to the fact that enterprises with the original intention of making money quickly are faster than ordinary enterprises. To get rich quickly, the most urgent thing is to recruit more intelligent, older and more experienced people and build a team around you to help your career. If you want to get rich immediately, you can do anything. Don’t start a career that you take seriously and want to work for it for 30 years. The time it takes to do this is not much different from the time you have to work hard at a job and wait for a long time to get rich.

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If you think none of these plans is reliable, it may be because you are not really eager to get rich. Perhaps what you really want is to put your family first, build your career on the foundation of integrity, buy a house to support your children, work hard with your partner to build a better life, and hope to spend a good time with your grandchildren.

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