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Zhi Finance » I earn more, but less. What’s going on?

I earn more, but less. What’s going on?

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Spending money is never difficult. The more you earn, the easier it is to spend; As a result, you are not as rich as you were when you made less money every month.

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The following tips can help you make a family plan and save more money each month.

1. Set financial targets.

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With your partner, set clear financial goals that motivate you to work towards them.

2. Prioritize spending items.

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Use money in order of priority. Saving money should be ranked at the top, and entertainment is the last. After that, if there is surplus, it can be used for unimportant projects.

3. Save your money where it is not easy to get it.

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Participating in 401 (k) retirement benefit plan 1 can increase the difficulty of withdrawing money – it is really difficult to withdraw money. If you have not retired, you should withdraw this money and pay a fine. The characteristics of the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and the 529 College Savings Plan (529 College Savings Plan) are similar, both of which are easy to save and difficult to withdraw.

4. Use less credit cards.

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Don’t use credit cards to buy things you can’t afford. Use credit cards as an easy way to understand your spending. When you find that there is no money to buy things in the bank, don’t swipe the credit card.

5. Make a budget.

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You may not have to budget, but you need something similar to remind yourself not to spend too much money each month. Write down your personal expenses for eating out, grocery shopping, entertainment, clothes shopping and other items by category. Note: Some items are unavoidable – you can’t go without food and clothes – but even going to the grocery store, how much you spend is up to you.

6. Execute the budget.

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Only when you consciously follow the budget can the budget be valuable. Supervise yourself well. Remember, this is not to make you miserable and unable to enjoy a milkshake in the mall. This is to help you complete life’s major events, such as: installment payment, to buy a good house; Or buy a rare good car in the shop. Remind yourself of your goals.

7. Reserve rainy day fund for emergencies.

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You should deposit your annual consumption expenditure into the rainy day fund one day. This is not easy to do. Starting from $500, gradually deposit thousands of dollars into the account. But you will find that these funds are very helpful in preventing minor disasters from turning into major disasters.

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By following these simple guidelines, you can set financial goals and financial vision for your family and guide daily decisions. Money can never buy happiness, but if you manage your money well, you don’t have to worry, and you can focus on the most important things for your family.

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