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Zhi Finance » How to spend less when eating out

How to spend less when eating out

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20% of American meals are for business entertainment; The average American eats out at least five times a week. If you, like nearly half of Americans, eat out at least five times a week, you can use the following tips to reduce the cost of eating out.

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1. Special occasions: Only choose special days to eat out.

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2. Buy quick frozen food: frozen food is mostly convenient and cheap, and can also reap additional benefits – it can be paired with healthy meals. It is difficult to eat healthily in restaurants; Even if restaurants post food calories, most of the nutritional information about food is still missing.

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3. Learn to cook your favorite dishes: If you feel that the dishes you cook at home are not as good as those outside, take a cooking lesson and learn to cook the dishes you really like. Many people grow up by learning to do things while eating with their parents. Many Americans of the previous generation went out to eat and fell in love with Mexican food, but did not know how to cook at home. Whether you like Mexican food, Indian food or Chinese food, you can learn to cook at home.

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4. Get some money to buy kitchenware properly: Buying kitchenware is more expensive than going out to eat, but it is also easier, faster, and worthwhile to buy some handy kitchenware to start cooking. In addition to the refrigerator, the most commonly used appliance in the kitchen is a $50 mixer; It can be used almost every day. You don’t have to go to the mall to buy milkshakes anymore!

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5. Store some food and eat slowly: cook some dishes suitable for refrigeration at weekends, and take them out of the freezer in the next few weeks if you want to eat them.

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6. Query the daily discount dishes: register at the group purchase website and LivingSocial, and you will receive the discount messages sent by them every day. Set a rule for yourself: Only choose the places you are sure to go to buy discount dishes, and make sure to use coupons to save money; Don’t go to expensive new restaurants.

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7. Check the restaurant website: If you like a restaurant, check the official website of the restaurant to see if you can enjoy special offers, coupons or other benefits after registration.

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8. Drink less soda and more water: The price of soda in the grocery store is 1/10 of that in the restaurant. Keep soda at home and drink water when you go to restaurants.

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9. Specials: there are good and bad specials in restaurants. A good special usually refers to a good dish with a discount on the menu. Poor specials refer to dishes that the chef thinks can be tried, and the price is often higher than other dishes. If there is a budget limit on food, be careful.

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10. Refuse parking service: whenever possible, refuse parking service and park your own car. Save money to eat!

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Eat out less and keep an eye on your budget; You can still live comfortably without spending a lot of money every month.

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