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Zhi Finance » How to save money when buying necessities

How to save money when buying necessities

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The easiest way to save money is not to buy things! If you have to spend money on food, clothing, housing and transportation, you need to make a deal at the most appropriate price. Here are some ways:

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1. Learn to use coupons to buy special food in the store, and spend the least money to buy food; Using the online resources of this website, you will not miss any preferential information. The website also provides in-depth training to help you save the most money.

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2. Go to a good thrift shop in the town to find used goods, especially clothes that are several times cheaper than new clothes. Remember: the clothes will be old once they are worn again. A dress can be bought for $4. Why should it cost $20?

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3. Go to the garage to buy what you want at the weekend. Don’t be fooled into buying someone else’s waste just because something costs 75 cents. However, you will be surprised to find that you can buy a desk for your baby for only 5 to 10 dollars at the garage.

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4. When buying a car, you should choose a second-hand car for personal sale. If you can afford a relatively new car that is still under the factory warranty, it will be particularly safe. Be sure to check the status of the vehicle. Seeing the “rush repair” sign means that someone has estimated the total price of the car, and the car has also been repaired. The best thing is that the car is completely repaired. The rush repair logo does not mean that the car cannot be guaranteed, but it does mean that the market value of the car has been discounted, or it will be discounted when the car is transferred.

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5. Learn about Craigslist and eBay. Craigslist is like a large on-site garage sale that never stops. If necessary, don’t rush to buy new goods. First check Craig’s list for good second-hand goods. Using eBay to ship goods is particularly cost-effective. I bought and sold several cars on eBay, and some of the transactions were still cross-border transportation (learning how to buy things easily on the website means knowing how to sell things; this is another matter).

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6. If everyone involved in the transaction knows that there is no broker, the homeowner can also set up a homepage on Craig List and other websites; Sometimes, it’s cheaper than selling a house through an intermediary. If you want to try, you can pay less commission on a standard basis and hire an agent or lawyer to assist in the transaction.

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7态Zillow. The price of almost all houses has been estimated objectively and scientifically, which can avoid you spending more when you buy a house. www. 68mn.

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8. When you shop online, you often see a small box in which you can fill in the discount code. Before swiping the card, enter the things you bought in the store and the “discount code” as the key words in the Google search column to quickly search. Then, you will find many related websites and discount codes, many of which will expire soon, but they can save a lot of money at the checkout.

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Either you must buy it or you can afford it. Before buying a house, a car or other big things, you should spend a few more minutes or hours to find out if there is a discount and explore other opportunities so as not to waste money. But never forget: if you spend money, you can’t save it!

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