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Zhi Finance » How to reach a consensus on financial philosophy with your spouse

How to reach a consensus on financial philosophy with your spouse

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In theory, you and your future spouse should discuss your future plans before marriage. Among them, the most important topic is family finance. Even if something you don’t think is related to economic problems, it will also affect your economic situation. The following content will guide you to reach an agreement on future issues, which will strengthen your marriage in the next 50 years.

1. Will you buy a house?

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Take a moment to discuss what kind of room you want. Talk about which city or even which community to buy a house in. Calculate what budget you can afford.

2. How many children are you going to have?

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You may have made a decision. Please make sure that you communicate with each other about your future plans. Don’t let financial worries determine how many children you want, but let your plans for how many children you want guide your financial planning. Cross the bridge when you come to it.

3. When children are still young, will someone stay at home to take care of them?

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Discuss how to balance the relationship between work and family. Especially as parents, how can you balance earning money to support your family and taking care of your children.

4. Will you and your spouse continue to receive education?

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You may still want to go to college at the age of 40, or go back to school to study as a graduate student. Take time to understand each other’s educational goals.

5. As a parent, how much responsibility do you intend to take on the children’s college education?

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Some parents believe that children should be self reliant when they reach the age of 18, while others believe that they should subsidize their children to graduate from college. Some parents even think that they should support their children to finish their postgraduate studies, even if the children have already got married at that time. We must communicate with each other about how much we are willing to invest in children’s education.

6. Morally speaking, should we avoid borrowing?

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Some people are realistic about debt, while others think it is immoral to be in debt. We must exchange views with our spouses on debt issues, so that we can either cultivate our own independent concept of debt, or at least respect each other’s attitude towards debt raising, such as borrowing money and credit card consumption.

7. What kind of car are you going to drive?

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This question seems unimportant. In fact, it can affect your financial problems more than any other problem in this article. If you want to drive the latest car all the time, it will affect your financial situation. If you can accept driving old cars, the impact will be much smaller.

8. How often and where do you plan to spend your holidays?

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For many people, a group photo of a family trip is a very meaningful item, and such memories are also precious. However, some people feel that tourism is a heavy burden. Share your views and how you plan to handle family travel. As children leave home to live independently, remember to at least roughly consider the changes in travel time. Do you expect children and their families to visit you at the same time every year, or do you expect them to do so whenever they have time?

9. When and where are you going to retire?

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In fact, we should not only consider the time and place, but also consider how to retire. What do you think of your retirement life? With a good plan, you may be able to retire earlier than your colleagues. Some people never dare to imagine life after retirement, while others never worry about retirement. Let’s discuss this problem with each other.

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When you discuss economic issues together, your goal is not to persuade the other party to accept your own views, but to try to understand the other party’s views. If you can understand each other’s positions on these issues, it will be easier for you to reach consensus.

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When you have a clear and agreed concept, you will want to set a specific and detailed long-term goal to achieve this concept. You need to pay a down payment to buy a house, and you need to save to help your children go to college and make retirement plans. In the long run, starting to implement detailed, feasible and measurable goals can help you achieve your vision. Next you will come to the most difficult stage. You must develop a short-term action plan – budget – an action plan that will enable you to achieve your goals and ideas.

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