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Zhi Finance » How to let children work like parents to earn money

How to let children work like parents to earn money

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Some parents have to earn their own money in their own growth process, and this experience has also become the shadow of their childhood. Nowadays, these parents do not want their children to experience their own past, so they deprive their children of their reasonable right to work. In fact, this is harming the children!

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We live in a cruel world, and everyone is required to contribute to society. Nowadays, too many young people have no real work experience after graduation from college, and do not know the significance of going to work on time, completing the instructions of their superiors and completing the tasks on time.

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It is possible that when you were young, you were a nanny, a waiter in a restaurant, a newspaper giver or a lawn mower. Maybe you hate doing these things, but these past experiences help you grow into a useful person for society. Encourage your children to make money by themselves. This will not only enable them to understand the value of money, but also enable them to become qualified employees.

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The key factor that motivates children to make money on their own is not to give them too much pocket money. It’s not a bad idea to give them some pocket money. And it’s better to tie pocket money with housework. Even so, we can’t give children too much money. Remember that the only purpose of doing this is to let children know that if they want more money, they should earn it by themselves.

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It is unwise for children to completely own a car without spending a penny. If you choose to let your children drive, please at least let them bear the insurance, fuel and maintenance costs, so that they can learn to take the necessary responsibility when using the car. In most cases, parents should encourage their children to save money to buy a car or use public transport. If you have no safety concerns, you can also lend your car to your children, as long as they can fill up the tank when returning it.

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The more children feel the pressure to make money, the more parents should teach them to be self reliant. Many parents worry that this will deprive their children of valuable learning time, affect their academic performance, and even affect future employment opportunities. Of course, these factors need to be well balanced. If an excellent college graduate has no work experience, he or she will be greatly discounted in the labor market like those with low education background. Therefore, please help children find the right balance between reading and work.

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