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Zhi Finance » How to judge whether my income is reasonable?

How to judge whether my income is reasonable?

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Since you have worked in a position for a long time, you have no chance to understand the value of your work skills in the market. Finding a new job can be a risky decision, especially if your family wants you to support your family. Before you decide to find a new job, measure your value. Refer to one or more of the following strategies to determine whether your current working income is reasonable.

  • 1. State data: Some states will pay salaries for different jobs in the region by county or other geographical units. Take the data released by Washington State as an example, you can quickly learn that the average wage of joinery workers in Spokane is $14.30 per hour.
  • 2. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: You should know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics counts the salary level according to the job title. This data represents the national average level, which is often not applicable to your personal situation, but it can still give you some reference. After verification, the data of the United States Labor Office shows that the median annual salary of CEO is 166910 dollars, which is much less than the salary of millions of dollars that we heard in the news.
  • 3. Commercial database: The data provided by various commercial websites are similar, but there are still some websites whose data are easier to search and more detailed. For example, CBSalary’s searchable database is characterized by providing both local and national data. In just a few minutes, I could find that the average annual salary of registered nurses in Providence, Rhode Island was $73000.
  • 4. Recruitment page: Many recruitment advertisements will be marked with some absurd salary data, or do not provide any salary information. However, some will specify the salary range in detail. At or Monster Search for recruitment advertisements on your community page on www. com, or through other recruitment bulletin boards.
  • 5. Friends: Asking about a friend’s income is usually considered taboo. However, if you have friends who do the same job as you, they should be very willing to share their income level with you (and it is not offensive to ask questions about this). You just need to explain clearly to them that this is to judge whether your salary is fair and in line with the market value. In this way, you may be able to judge whether your income is fair by collecting some data.
  • 6. HR Department: Most HR departments have the salary level data of each position of the company. Most people believe that the responsibility of the HR Department also includes ensuring that employees are satisfied with their income. In other words, the HR department knows whether your salary is reasonable, and they are willing to give you a straightforward answer. If they think your due income is far lower than the current salary level, your inquiry is likely to be the beginning of the discussion on salary increase.

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Once you have judged the reasonableness of your income, it is time to take action. In the face of unreasonable income, the first step may be to ask for a raise. Pay attention to the timing of the request, and ask for a salary increase when the company is not in a good situation, which often does not lead to good results; Asking for a raise when one’s job performance is poor is also doomed to fail. If the company is developing rapidly and your work performance is very satisfactory, gather courage from data analysis and ask for a raise.