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Zhi Finance » How to ask the boss for a raise?

How to ask the boss for a raise?

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Even in difficult economic times, you have reason to hope – and in some cases even expect – that your boss will give you a raise. If the boss is not willing, you may need to convince her with some reasons. For example, the current salary is difficult to support the family; You deserve a higher salary. Here is a simple, step-by-step plan to help you persuade your boss to give you a raise.

  • 1. It’s worth a raise. People always think they deserve more salary. Before you ask for a raise for this reason, make sure you do more than your boss asks.
  • 2. Focus on results. Everyone can argue, “I work harder than Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li, but they earn more than me. I should also get a raise.” This often sounds more like a grumble and can’t stand more scrutiny. The focus should be on outputs (results, income and achievements) rather than inputs (working time, creativity and effort). Don’t evaluate your work as “I successfully completed Project A”, but evaluate your work achievements: “I successfully completed Project A and saved the company 50000 dollars”.
  • 3. Lobbying. When you have a good reason, are qualified for a raise, and your personal value can also be measured in money, you can make an appointment with the boss. Make sure that you and the boss meet separately, so that he can focus on this matter completely. Even if you know your boss, adequate preparation is still essential. But don’t over prepare. For example, it’s too much to show with 42 slides. Prepare a 3 to 5 minute oral presentation, without notes or slides, to list your achievements and let the boss know that your current salary is far from enough.
  • 4. No specific salary increase is mentioned. The most important reason is that the boss may be willing to pay you more than expected. And if you want too much, it may make your boss, who gives you a raise, feel frustrated and will not meet your demand for a raise.
  • 5. Be patient. No matter how the boss wants to solve this problem, she will routinely say, “I’ll see how to solve it first.” This means that you can leave the office, or it may be because she really needs to consult with the relevant person in charge about what to do. Don’t keep chasing after her. Wait for 30 days quietly for her to respond.
  • 6. Express gratitude. No matter how much your boss gives you a raise, don’t forget to thank her. You will never know the “political sacrifice” she made for your benefit, even if the salary increase is not satisfactory to you. Remember, in a world with high unemployment, no matter how much you raise your salary, your family will be happy for you.
  • 7. Find another job opportunity. If the expected salary increase is not achieved, then quietly look for new job opportunities in the job market. Apply for open positions by sending resumes online. If there is a position that satisfies you, you will want to give your boss a last chance to raise your salary to the same level that satisfies you. This often works.
  • 8. Don’t bluff. If you tell your boss that you have a new job offer and are ready to pack up and go home. If the boss sniffs out that you are bluffing, it will undoubtedly be very detrimental to your future development in the workplace.
  • 9. Low pay is not entirely a bad thing. If you are underpaid and both you and the boss know it, the biggest advantage is that when the company is in trouble, you will be the last to be laid off. The employee with the highest salary in the department is like a target with red dots on his chest. He not only needs to perform better, but also may be the first to be fired when the company is in trouble.

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As we all know, bosses are often not so satisfied with their employees; Most employees don’t love their work much either. But there is still a group of people you always love, and that is your family.