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Zhi Finance » How can we change from housewife to labor force?

How can we change from housewife to labor force?

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Many women give up work to take care of their children at home when they are young, and then return to work again. I have employed many such women and summarized the following methods to help women with such needs complete the role transformation (these methods are also applicable to men in male headed families).

  • 1. Cheer up and be full of courage. Don’t worry. You haven’t forgotten how to work, and employers won’t be particularly worried about your ability to work.
  • 2. Create a high-quality resume. You have been away from the working environment for many years, so you may need a professional to guide you in writing a qualified resume. Take active participation in community affairs at home these years as the biggest highlight of your experience, so that your resume can appropriately reflect your abilities.
  • 3. Be confident. Whenever you talk to others about the job, show confidence and tell them that you are competent for the job. You have to assume that the employer is willing to hire you.
  • 4. Start with your previous employer. Maybe you haven’t contacted your previous employer or boss for many years, but you should start your job search by contacting them. In 2009, I hired a woman who worked with me for ten years. During the ten years, she has been taking care of children at home. Now she has made great contributions to the team.
  • 5. Actively participate. Perhaps you have participated in some activities organized by the school community to help children’s physical and mental development; Maybe you have been teaching a team or volunteering in PTA (PTA). You should also put your enthusiasm for these undertakings into a wider range of societies where you may meet more people who are willing to hire you. Join a professional club, such as Rotary, a social service organization, or another club that can reach out to successful people.
  • 6. Use your relationships. Let your friends know that you are ready to return to work. You may not know what the spouse of a friend with PTA is doing, but they are likely to have your potential employer. These friends who have met in public welfare organizations are as powerful as your former colleagues.
  • 7. Take advantage of social networks. Is your LinkedIn account full of cobwebs because it has been useless for too long? Go to enable it. Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter that you are ready to go back to work, and clearly tell them what kind of work you need. It’s not very useful just to inform them that you want to find a job. You should tell them what job is most suitable for you and what job is most satisfying for you. This method will help you a lot.
  • 8. Don’t be depressed. Finding a job is a long process. Before you find a job, make “looking for a job” your job. Just like you used to work, you put your heart and soul into it. Before long, you will get the job you want.

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It is no small challenge for anyone to return to work after living at home for ten years. But it turns out that employers often seek talented and competent people. If you have previous work experience, it is not difficult to return to the post, just need you to have a sincere heart. So be patient and optimistic.