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Zhi Finance » Guide to getting a UK credit card

Guide to getting a UK credit card

All credit cards come in many shapes, colors and sizes. They come in different types and brands, with their own list of offers. UK credit cards are no different from these. When you apply for a UK credit card online, there are three simple steps to follow. First, you can search through the list of UK credit cards you may find while surfing the web. Then, you can compare the rates and fees of these UK credit cards side-by-side and prepare to make your elimination. After you have weighed the pros and cons of your top choices, you can now make a final decision as to which of the offered UK credit cards will best suit your needs. You can then proceed with your UK credit card application by filling out the form online.

Things you should know before applying for a UK credit card

The fact is that “plastic” has dramatically redefined the way people spend their money. In the United States alone, more and more Americans are using credit cards because of the financial convenience it brings. When it comes to the UK, studies show that Britons owe hundreds of millions of dollars in credit card debt. As a flexible and convenient way to obtain credit, major lenders offer a variety of UK credit cards to provide maximum convenience to consumers.

Applying for a UK credit card is both easy and difficult. Well, it can be surprisingly easy compared to spending the money itself. Getting a UK credit card is as easy as splurging money on a shopping spree. But the hard part when you have a UK credit card, or any other credit card, is when the monthly bills come. Before you get a UK credit card, be sure to visit some guides and glossaries so you have all the information you need. Searching for important tips before you choose a UK credit card will help you become educated in your purchasing decisions. Being informed before filling out a UK credit card application will also help you reduce the likelihood of falling into a credit card debt trap.

Reading some tips will also help you decide for yourself which one on the list of UK credit cards is best for your financing needs. You can choose the right UK credit card by comparing their features, interest rates and benefits. Among the available UK credit cards, you should find the 0% credit card that has the best interest rate and APR for balance transfers or purchases. Most importantly, never forget to read the instructions carefully before applying for a credit card online to find the UK credit card with the lowest interest rate.

Top UK credit cards

With over half a million pounds spent on UK credit cards every minute – the equivalent of tens of billions spent each year – it’s important to choose the best credit card for you. Here are some of the top UK credit cards. They all have their own offers, and it’s up to you to decide which of these UK credit cards is best for you. First on the list is Marbles. it offers up to 52 days of interest-free credit, 0 balance transfers for the first 6 months and an APR of 14.9%. If you’re the type of person who wants almost everything customized, this UK credit card lets you choose what your card will look like. It also allows you to manage your account online. This UK credit card is designed in one of the most secure credit card systems available.

If you are looking for a UK credit card that offers 0% APR on balance transfers, 15.9% APR on card purchases, no annual fee, and a 24-hour toll-free help line, then you may want to try the Virgin Card. This UK credit card can actually be your exclusive pass to an exclusive online membership stuffed with great money off offers online.

Another one is the Egg card, which automatically gives you free in-transit protection on your item purchases. You can actually pay all or part of your fare with this UK credit card plus the benefit of free personal travel accident insurance.

Apart from this, customers can also get a 10% discount on home and travel insurance when they use this UK credit card. On the other hand, the GM Platinum Card offers 14.9% APR, 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases within 5 months, and online account management. The best part of this UK credit card is that cardholders will receive 100 free rebate points upon first use. This unique rewards program makes this UK credit card even more interesting compared to other credit cards.

After weighing all the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, you can now choose the best UK credit card for you.