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Zhi Finance » Five Tips for Controlling Household Daily Expenses

Five Tips for Controlling Household Daily Expenses

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For almost every American family, it is very difficult to maintain a balance of income and expenditure every month and accumulate savings slowly for the future. The United States is a consumer driven society. In this consumer culture, saving money is almost impossible, or spending money too freely. So here are some tips for saving money.

1. Parents should be consistent.

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Sit down with your spouse and have a chat. Make sure you have the same views on the family economy. If you find that your views do not agree with each other, make adjustments. Remember, your marriage is more important than money. Find a way to accommodate each other and be consistent in your ideas, so that you can communicate more coherently to your children.

2. Within the budget, decide their after-school activities with the children.

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Today’s children are very rich in activities, from football training to learning music to Boy Scout courses and so on. Discuss the cost and budget of each activity with the children, and then let them decide which activity to choose.

3. Set a savings goal, make progress public, and celebrate the milestones.

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Take your family as a unit, determine how much you want to save each month, and jointly monitor your progress. When you complete your progress, reach or exceed your goals, simply celebrate. Every member of the family likes spending, but if everyone knows the goal of saving, it can turn the fun of spending into the joy of saving money.

4. Arrange family activities together within the budget.

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If you only have $20 for evening activities, let the children decide what to play together. A little creativity can turn the evening activity into a picnic in the park, or watch a DVD movie at home and eat pizza.

5. Arrange family travel with a budget.

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Similarly, the whole family should discuss whether to go camping, stay in a hotel, or go to an amusement park or a beach; Is it a long-distance self driving tour or sightseeing around the scenic spots.

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Let the whole family participate in the discussion of financial goals, which can increase the cohesion among family members. If a child is told that he cannot participate in interesting activities because he has no money at home, he will feel very depressed. But if children feel that they are making contributions to the common financial goals of the family, they will feel very excited. We can work together to do more interesting things with less money. Your children may think of problems you have never considered, and you may have more fun in the process.

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