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Zhi Finance » Five golden ideas for making money by throwing things

Five golden ideas for making money by throwing things

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It sounds inconceivable that throwing things can make money, but here are some operable ways to make money. Donating things to charity will never make you rich, but the benefits of giving them away are more than you think.

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Here are some golden ideas for throwing things to make money:

  • 1. The IRS believes that donating things is the same as donating money. Pay no attention to the garbage piled up in the garage for years. If they can still be used, you can donate them to charity organizations in need and enjoy tax deduction. The amount is equal to the retail price of used items. In the United States, you don’t have to budget carefully. You can get rid of taxes of up to 500 dollars each year by donating things. It’s good to get the invoice, but if the donated materials exceed 500 dollars, you don’t need to spend much time estimating. The estimated value should also be reasonable. For example, a tie with mustard sauce that has been used for 20 years is not worth 32 dollars.
  • 2. When you buy furniture, you need a place to put it. The closets, storage rooms and corners of most families are filled with things that have never been used before. The number of things determines the size of the home to a certain extent. There are not many things, so you don’t need too much furniture to store things.
  • 3. There isn’t much furniture, so the living space can be smaller. Housing costs a lot. Instead of going all out to clean things and move to a small house, it’s better to think about how to do a big cleaning of the house so as not to have too many things to collect. Get rid of unnecessary furniture and things, and you can make a lot of space in the current house.
  • 4. Think about what’s in the mini warehouse? If the rented mini self storage bin is full of old garbage, ask yourself how long it has been since you last visited them there, and you have forgotten to use them. You may spend money to store things that have not been used for several years.
  • 5. It’s cheaper to throw it away than to sell it. Think about how many hours and money you will spend to hold a garage sale in the yard. Advertising, publicity, or listing the items for sale on e-commerce websites. No matter how valuable these things are, they can only be thrown away with money.

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Donate items to charity organizations, and they either sell them to raise money or use them to greatly improve the situation of others. The homeless people feel completely different when they receive clean socks and warm quilts. They feel that someone cares about them, and that person may therefore seek necessary help to get out of trouble. Modern charity thrift stores provide vocational training for people struggling on the survival line to help families get out of poverty and enter the middle income class. Donating old things to your favorite charity can make you proud, and you should be proud.