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Zhi Finance » Find hobbies with less money, or do things with less money

Find hobbies with less money, or do things with less money

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Hobbies and sports are very important for balancing life, but some hobbies and sports will indeed generate high expenditure soon. Think about how expensive it is to play golf – you not only need to buy putts, bags for putts, all kinds of gadgets put into your pockets, but also need to buy golf balls and seats as special equipment, buy special shoes, hats, jerseys and golf pants, take classes, practice on the golf course, and finally pay for the use of the course and rent a golf cart. Golf is expensive.

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If you don’t play golf, your partner likes to play golf. I guess you know golf will be a sport with high cost! There are many sports and hobbies that will soon incur high costs. The following golden ideas can help you save money:

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1. Running is cheaper than cycling. If you want to exercise without cycling, you can try running first; According to my experience, you can try walking before running. Not only are bicycles expensive, but they also need to be transported by car, and they also need to buy special shoes and clothes; All the expenses add up to make cycling more expensive than running.

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2. Choose a cheap course to play golf. If you have chosen golf as a sport, you can consider finding a cheap course to play. Choose a course with only 9 holes, not one with 18 holes.

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3. Use the money earned from handicrafts to support this hobby. If you like manual labor, and want to make some money by taking advantage of your hobbies – at least able to afford the expenses of your hobbies – you should guard against over investment. Before you decide to buy a quilting machine for thousands of dollars, you should borrow one to see if you like it and see if you can sell your products.

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4. Repair things to sell. If you like repairing old cars and furniture, you can not only earn all the money you spent, but also sell the repaired things to earn more (when you sell the repaired things, you should be able to recover all or part of the money you spent). This kind of interest may not be enough to make a living, but at least it can afford all the resources it needs.

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5. Study genealogy. You may be surprised to find that you know very little about your grandparents, and you may not know anything about the next generation. You can find a lot of free information on Studying genealogy is simple and cheap. It can also let you and your family know who you are more deeply.

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6. Go to the library to read. Go to the library to read and borrow books instead of going to the bookstore. Now you can even borrow e-books in the library!

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People need some time to play, challenge themselves and learn new things. Parents are no exception. Don’t worry because you have interests and hobbies, because you have no interests and hobbies. If your budget is tight, do things that don’t cost money, such as studying family tree, running and reading. Interest and love do not necessarily cost a lot of money. If you find someone who enjoys hobbies for even a moment with your spouse and children, it will be the best thing.

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