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Zhi Finance » Fifteen golden ideas to help you live within your income

Fifteen golden ideas to help you live within your income

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Everyone knows that we should live within our means, spend less than we earn, and save money just in case; But most people can’t. The following simple methods can help you break this pattern:

  • 1. Make neighbors with people who make less money than you. In this way, there is no pressure to spend less.
  • 2. During working, participate in 401 (k) retirement benefit plan to eliminate the possibility of withdrawing deposits.
  • 3. Use, a free online budgeting system, to track expenses and manage financial goals. If you don’t like, try another system.
  • 4. Keep some cash for your pocket money. Don’t buy anything when you run out of cash. Don’t swipe your credit card!
  • 5. Don’t buy anything when there is no money on the book. Control yourself, but also exercise your willpower.
  • 6. Drive your old car proudly; Take good care of it and let it run for a long time. The biggest fear of budgeting is buying a new car.
  • 7. Go out and walk with your feet; Don’t feel happy to drive across two blocks to buy this and that.
  • 8. Eat out less; Eat more at home.
  • 9. Once or twice a month, buy food that can be frozen and returned in batches, and keep it for eating slowly to save money and time.
  • 10. Find hobbies that cost less; Or spend less on things you like. Running is cheaper than cycling; If you don’t ride a bicycle, you can save money on equipment. It’s cheaper to play golf and go to the municipal golf course than to the club.
  • 11. Use coupons for shopping; Focus on where there is a big sale; Can buy things, buy things you need.
  • 12. No matter how cheap the price is or how much the discount is, don’t buy things that don’t need and exceed your budget! Distinguish between what is “needed” and what is “wanted”.
  • 13. Mobilize the whole family. Let everyone participate in the money saving plan; Let everyone give up and gain something.
  • 14. Don’t use credit cards, payday loans or other money to make up for the underpayment. Borrowing money will only make it more difficult for you to pay off your debts.
  • 15. Going to the grocery store can save you a lot of money every month and still make you happy. Buy two liter bottles of soda instead of cans; If you don’t go to the big store, go to the grocery store. Buy the same food, get the same happiness, and save more money.

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Just choose some of these golden ideas and stick to them. Over time, your financial situation will change greatly.

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