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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: Execution, execution, execution!

Wealth Thinking Series: Execution, execution, execution!

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A business idea in your mind is like a good car parked in the garage after running out of fuel. The executive force is to make an idea come true and fill the fuel tank with fuel.

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Entrepreneurs try to distinguish between ideas and implementation. They think that good ideas are worth millions, but what I want to say is that success has nothing to do with ideas, but the focus is on implementation.

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Ideas are just a flash of inspiration in your mind. They require your efforts. Ideas are the results, while execution is the process.

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In the world of wealth, ideas are not valuable, but they are regarded as gold. Those idea masters carefully keep their ideas and try not to let others steal them, but they do not know that hundreds of people have thought of those ideas.

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The owners of the idea are not those who think of it, but those who implement it.

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Remember this famous saying: “Unless you take action, even the best ideas in the world won’t work.”

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