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Zhi Finance » Eight ways to get the most out of hard work

Eight ways to get the most out of hard work

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People go out to work for a reason. Although work is not such a tragic thing, no one can love it all the time, every day and every night. Sometimes, the work is hard.

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Here are eight ways to get the most out of your career.

  • 1. Love work. Even if you don’t love work, you should at least like it. If you don’t like it, pretend to like it. If the boss thinks you are a person who loves work, she may let you participate in more and better projects, let you take more responsibilities, and more importantly, give you a higher salary.
  • 2. Work hard. Hard work is a fine tradition in the Greater United States of America. Learn from this fine tradition. Go to work on time, don’t dawdle, and don’t chat when working. Be serious and focused, and be your best self. The boss will take all this into consideration, and your actions will have a great impact in the future. The boss loves, loves and loves the hard-working subordinates.
  • 3. Don’t put pressure on your boss, learn to understand each other. In fact, most bosses are not necessarily smarter than their employees. He can’t do your work. No matter how the boss gets to his present position, he has no responsibility or obligation to share your work. He is only responsible for his own work. So don’t put pressure on your boss. When he gives you some constructive suggestions, thank him; Smile at him every morning when I meet him; When leaving from work, say “goodbye” to him. If you show more concern and concern for your boss and his work, he will also show more concern for you and your work.
  • 4. Show up on time. It is often said that going to work on time is half the battle. This is indeed the case. Go to work on time and leave on time. Don’t stand at the door of the unit waiting for the clock to ring. When you have finished your day’s work, clean up your work area to make others feel that you have finished your work completely before leaving.
  • 5. Be sincere. Never lie to get a job, never lie at work. Every job should be treated with a sincere heart. There is no way to lose your boss’s trust more quickly than lying. Your lies cannot escape her eyes. She often knows the truth immediately or finds out the truth immediately.
  • 6. Treat company assets with caution. Cherish and protect the company’s assets. Don’t use the supply cabinet of the company as your personal office supply store. When traveling at public expense, use the company’s funds cautiously and consume within the budget standard. When you show that your attitude towards company assets is as cautious as your attitude towards personal property, your boss will be more favorable to you. If you get a raise, isn’t it enough to buy a bunch of paper clips?
  • 7. Be kind to colleagues and subordinates. Respect every colleague and subordinate and establish a good reputation. Never lose your temper, talk less and listen more, and listen carefully (if you keep quiet on the surface while thinking about your own response when others are talking, this is not true listening).
  • 8. Be patient. Your career may last 30 – 40 years. Don’t expect to be promoted three levels every year. Learn to enjoy the process of work.

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Whether you are an excellent employee on the assembly line or in the headquarters office, as long as you can still have a job after the next round of layoffs, or your salary increases far beyond your living expenses, it is very good.