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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: Eight truths about getting rich

Wealth Thinking Series: Eight truths about getting rich

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1. Wealth is a process, not a result! Wealth is a systematic process consisting of belief, choice, action and lifestyle.

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2. Time is the most valuable asset in the process of wealth creation, especially the freely disposable time.

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Put time in a business system that can turn restricted time into disposable time, and take time as a key decision factor.

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3. Education begins after graduation. Don’t stop learning. The knowledge you know now is not enough to support your future goals.

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4. Information is the fuel of your financial journey. Make sure you take a small part of your time to read.

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5. Satisfy the needs of others, and money will flow to you. Chasing money will not make you rich. Focus on the business that solves the problem of demand. If you provide value, the money will come naturally.

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6. Automate your business, make it conform to the law of time, decouple your time from business, and cultivate a goose that can lay golden eggs.

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7. Create a brand, not a business. We should avoid commercialization and differentiate ourselves from competitors.

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8. We should focus on one business and only focus on one business.

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