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Zhi Finance » Eight Reasons for the Necessity of University Education

Eight Reasons for the Necessity of University Education

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There is nothing more expensive than receiving a college education in the United States for the following reasons:

  • 1. According to the American Statistical Abstract, the average annual income of high school graduates is $31000, slightly more than half of the undergraduate students who have received four years of college education. The average annual income of the latter is $57000. Those who did not complete high school earned less, with an average annual income of $20000. Postgraduates or above earn more than undergraduates.
  • 2. The lower the educational background, the higher the unemployment rate. In 2011, the unemployment rate of undergraduates was 60% lower than that of those who did not complete high school education, and 50% lower than that of high school graduates.
  • 3. A large number of the world’s labor force lacks professional skills. Millions of people in the world who have not received college education want to work. Many people are willing to work hard no matter how low their income is to support their families. Globalization has made overseas employees who lack professional skills get outsourcing jobs, but it has put more pressure on the wage level in the United States.
  • 4. A shortage of engineers. Throughout the world, because of the rising demand for engineering skills, various kinds of educational institutions for engineers emerge in endlessly.
  • 5. A college degree in any field is invaluable. No matter what your major is, a college degree can give you a competitive advantage over people without a college degree. If you need a job, such as competing for retail jobs, you have a four-year bachelor’s degree in politics or psychology. Compared with people without a college degree, you have a better chance of winning.
  • 6. You can always learn something. The intrinsic value of knowledge needs no more words. What you learned in college may be learned in other places, but you ask yourself: How many people who have never studied in college have learned as much in their professional fields as those who have studied in college? You will realize that few people can reach the level of college education without a college education.
  • 7. College life is a lot of fun. To be realistic, most people have wonderful college life. Even those who do not enjoy college life very much have gained a unique experience. Please think carefully and find the right university life for you!
  • 8. It is never too old to learn. If you are over fifty, the material rewards of college education may come too late, but they can still bring you other benefits.

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If you want to borrow money to go to college, think twice. Some colleges and universities are particularly expensive. Some are extremely cheap, but this will not affect your earning potential. Moreover, most Americans can afford the tuition of public universities. The tuition of community colleges is particularly low, but they can provide high-quality education and make full preparations for students to complete their four-year college education.