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Zhi Finance » Eight golden ideas that are prudent and decent

Eight golden ideas that are prudent and decent

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It takes time and patience to save money without losing dignity, but you can do it. Here are some golden ideas:

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1. Budget! If you don’t budget, you won’t be decent. Take a look at how much you spend on clothes every year, carefully plan your spending, make full use of it and stick to your bottom line.

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2. Buy clothes that fit. Although it is not a problem in general, clothes that are too small or too big are not good to wear. Usually, it will not cost more to buy clothes that fit you than clothes that are one or two sizes smaller. Clothes fit well and last longer. Don’t buy too small clothes to encourage yourself to lose weight. Buy suitable clothes as a reward for successful weight loss.

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3. Buy clothes at seasonal sales. Nordstrom Department Store is famous for its good clothes but high prices. It holds two women’s and children’s clothing specials, two men’s clothing specials, and one all kinds of clothing specials every year. If you want to look professional when you go to work, save money to participate in this kind of special sale. Many other good stores also have regular big sales. You can go to the relevant website for details.

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4. Buy some good clothes. It is better to buy some good clothes that specially suit you, go to work, go to church, and attend other occasions than to pick a bunch of things from discount stores. The better the quality of the clothes, the longer they wear them, and they look more comfortable than the clothes in the discount store.

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5. Buy mixed and matched clothes. Don’t buy clothes that can only be matched separately, choose clothes that can be mixed and matched. Buy 5 shirts and 5 pairs of trousers, pair them one-to-one, and only wear 5 styles; If you can mix them up, there are 25 styles.

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6. Take care of your clothes. Don’t buy expensive wardrobes and cedar hangers for clothes, but don’t pile them on the floor. Wash, fold and hang the clothes to ensure that you can see, find and protect them.

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7. Buy clothes that can be machine washed. Making a wardrobe for clothes, changing and drying them at home, can often save money on clothes and money for taking care of clothes. Also avoid wearing clothes that can only be dry cleaned. It’s not good to wear a wrinkled suit stained with tomato sauce at work.

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8. Go to thrift stores and consignment stores to buy clothes. Don’t buy clothes you can’t wear in a thrift shop. It’s like burning money. Clothes in thrift stores are often nearly 20% cheaper than the retail price. Remember: The new clothes you buy in the department store will become old after you wear them once.

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Everyone can be frugal and keep decent. It is possible to lose face when your wallet is empty. It depends on what you do. Follow the golden idea above to keep your face and your wallet.

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