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Zhi Finance » Don’t walk on the heels of your shoes, and seven other tips for maintenance

Don’t walk on the heels of your shoes, and seven other tips for maintenance

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I remember a great suggestion I heard a long time ago: Don’t walk with heels. This advice not only ensures that your shoes will last for a long time, but also serves as a metaphor to remind people to take care of all their things.

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Although things are not as important as people and interpersonal relationships, if you can take good care of them and respect them, you don’t need to change them frequently; This is good for the environment and our wallets. Here are some other golden ideas given in the spirit of “Don’t walk with heels”.

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1. Wash the car frequently. After washing the car, you will be more comfortable sitting in the car and more willing to have it serviced in a timely manner. Extending the life of your car can really help you save money.

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2. Trim your yard and keep it tidy. Not only will the neighbors thank you, but if you often go to the yard outside to trim the lawn and bushes, you can also check the pests and diseases, see if there is a problem with the sprinkler, and even check the conditions around the house to find out potential problems.

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3. Teach children to take good care of their toys. The bikes and skateboards left in the front yard are not only eyesore, but also very attractive to the small gangsters next door. They may ride the six-year-old girl’s bike into the nearby river or push it down the hillside for fun.

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4. Change clothes and mend clothes. One child’s clothes are too big to wear, and they can always be used by other children. The button has fallen off, you can replace it with a new one. The dress shirt is stained with stains, the cuffs are too old to wear into the office, and you can wear them to work in the yard or paint.

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5. Keep the house clean. Although there are some things that are not placed reasonably, they can really remind everyone that a family lives in a house, so it is a home. On the other hand, if you can’t find a vacuum cleaner and find that the dirt on the washing machine and shower is accumulating more and more, you are wasting money. Everything in the house is clean, so the life is longer; Things stained with dirt and mold are not only easy to break, but you and other family members will not cherish them when they see things dirty.

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6. Throw away things you don’t need. If you haven’t worn that sweater for two years, you’ll probably never wear it again. Throw it away. Almost every city in the United States has large charitable thrift stores. Clean your wardrobe, basement, and garage regularly to make sure you don’t have anything you don’t need or use. The house is full of unnecessary “garbage”, which makes people feel that you don’t cherish or care about your own things.

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