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Zhi Finance » Doing nothing can kick start your savings plan!

Doing nothing can kick start your savings plan!

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If you want to save some money every month, but can’t do it, try to ban consumption for 30 days. Ask your family to help you stop spending money for a month. Of course, perhaps most of the things you do now cannot be prohibited, but there are many things you can not do at all within 30 days.

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Consider not doing the following for a month:

  • 1. Watch movies. If you don’t watch paid movies, rent videos or go to the cinema for a month, your eyes won’t fall off and your heart won’t stop beating. Within a month, you can watch movies without spending a penny.
  • 2. Have a big meal. You can enjoy fine food without going out for a month. Most people like to eat big meals occasionally. Some people eat big meals more frequently than others. There’s nothing wrong with eating big meals, but you can save a lot of money if you don’t enjoy fine food for a month.
  • 3. Buy clothes. Everyone needs to buy new clothes and change old clothes regularly. However, most of us have enough clothes so that we can not buy new ones within a month. If you delay consumption, you will be surprised that the monthly clothing budget can be reduced to such a low level. Ask yourself whether you bought new clothes last time to replace old ones or just to expand your wardrobe.
  • 4. Recreation. For one month, you can not watch any sports competition, ballet performance, symphony performance, opera or stage play. How easy it will be to save money if you have never watched such performances!
  • 5. Sports activities. You may not participate in any sports activities for one month. This month, there are no new running shoes, new bicycle shorts, golf, softball gloves. See them again in thirty days.
  • 6. Eat fast food. This is a challenge for people who are easy to satisfy themselves. Can you skip fast food within a month. Eating less fast food won’t save much money, but if you eat less or don’t eat like most people, you will save a lot of money. Do not eat fast food for a month, eat at home, or take food with you when you leave home. This will not only save money, but also be healthier.
  • 7. Read magazines. You can skip magazines for a month. Don’t buy a magazine in front of the newsstand, and don’t renew your subscription when you receive a notice to renew your subscription. wait a second. Wait a while, maybe you can get a renewal discount.
  • 8. Vacation. Of course, you won’t spend a dime on vacation to complete your money saving plan. It is important not to go on holiday on weekends when spending is prohibited. Stay near your home.

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If you don’t spend money or delay spending money for 30 days, you will see your savings account gradually accumulate. In one month, you can save 500 or 1000 dollars, making a considerable income in your savings account. Strict self-discipline, frugality, control spending, save 100 or 200 dollars a month. You will be grateful to yourself!